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Transplanting strawberries: take care of future crops

The cycle of growing strawberries does not end with collectingberries, you need to take proper care of your beloved garden dweller to get a good harvest next year. Mandatory procedure, which must be done before the frost, is a strawberry transplant.

strawberry transplantation

During active fruiting on the bushwhiskers are formed, which are removed or rooted next to the main bed, forming an outlet on the end. These shoots are also transplanted to form a new, young garden. To form a new bed, only young plants can be used, old bushes will be lean.

Transplanting strawberries to a new location requiresobservance of certain weather conditions. It is advisable to lay a new garden bed on a cloudy day or in the evening, but before the frost begins. The most favorable days for strawberry transplantation are the last week of summer, if August turned out to be not hot, and a moderately warm September. Very good, if before the planting of garden strawberries it rained, as plants rooted in wet soil will get better.

The transplantation of strawberries can be carried out in the spring, but in this case the berries on young bushes will appear not earlier than next year.

First you need to prepare a bed - to loosen the soil and make humus in it, as well as complex mineral fertilizers. Before landing, make holes, fill it with water.

transplanting garden strawberries

Strawberries are planted in the resulting litter,Straighten the roots along the width of the hole, from above sprinkled with earth. The size of the pit depends on the size of the root, the depth of the landing should be such that the upper kidney - the growth bud, as it is called, was not covered with earth.

To compact the soil, we once again water the bush,again sprinkled with earth. If you do everything correctly, then with a slight twitching, the shoot will not move, but will remain in place. The land around should be mulched with sawdust or straw, and also provide regular watering to the bushes.

An alternative option is transplanting strawberries into agrofiber, the application of which provides additional care to the plants of the young beds.

Agrotekstil - a special material that allowsair and moisture during irrigation, but prevents the evaporation of liquid from the soil. The use of special material will protect plants from weeds, and the root system - against pests.

favorable days for strawberry transplantation

Transplanting of garden strawberry into agrofibreis made so: the prepared soil with the humidified holes is covered by an agrotechnical cloth which needs to be fixed on edges of a bed. In the places where the indentations are viewed, cuts are made. The resulting holes with a scoop planted bushes. Row rows from above are mulched with straw or sawdust, in order not to damage the agrofiber in the future when harvesting and watering.

Use of ground cover materialconsiderably facilitates the further care of strawberries, in winter agrotextile serves as a reliable insulation, during fruiting makes it easier to harvest berries that are not damaged by the earth and look attractive.

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