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When tomatoes grow, why do you need it?

Before answering the question of whetherTomatoes, let's understand with the very definition of this word. Hilling is the loosening and tilting of the land, preferably moist, to the lower parts of the plant.

when the tomatoes hibernate

What is this for?

First, in order to ensure accessair to the roots. This is achieved by loosening the soil during hilling. Secondly, in order to further develop and strengthen the root system of the plant. The stronger it is, the better the plant absorbs nutrients. Thirdly, when tomatoes grow, the water after irrigation or rain accumulates in the holes between the hills. It retains moisture until the next watering and protects the plant from drying out. This is especially true in hot weather and in those cases when watering the plant can not be provided daily. Fourth, hilling protects against penetration into the stems of various pests.

whether you need to hill the tomatoes

When do tomatoes grow?

If you notice at the bottom of the stem,Almost near the ground some bumps, especially in the flowering period of tomatoes, it's time for hilling. Bumps are an additional root system. And as soon as you plant them with earth, they immediately begin to appear roots. This situation, by the way, can be a signal that the plant does not have enough nutrition, and it, to help itself, begins to look for additional ways of obtaining these nutrients.

But do you always want to grow tomatoes?

No not always. If your tomatoes do not have the tubercles described above, then it is not necessary to plant such a plant. Otherwise, you simply block the air passage to the existing roots. When tomatoes grow up, observe some rules. The earth must be moist. The best time for hilling is the period after rain or watering. To do this is best done with a trowel. With its help, you redistribute the land of the aisle closer to the base of the plant. You need to do this very carefully, so as not to touch the existing roots. You simultaneously loosen the soil and increase the air permeability to the roots. To begin with, you need to process a number of tomatoes on one side, and then go to the other side, so that as a result some hills near each bush are formed.

whether you need to hill the tomatoes

How often do you need to plant the plants?

In general, ideally to grow tomatoes 2-3times per season. The first time you need to do this procedure 10-15 days after planting the plant in the ground. Although this is a suspended sentence. But the hilling, as you remember, should be done only if an additional root system develops near the stem. And this can happen sooner or later. The second hilling is carried out only when the lower part of the stem turns blue. This also speaks of the development of the root system. When the tomatoes are bogged down, and there is not enough land in the beds, it is worthwhile borrowing it from another place. If tomatoes are not covered with the necessary layer of earth, they will dry up from lack of moisture. All of the above is just advice to help truck farmers. And the decision on hilling remains for you.

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