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Hypermarkets "Crossroads": addresses of shops, actions

Today, your attention will behypermarkets "Crossroads". What is this? What does this organization do? What products does it offer? What kind of shares take place here? Where in general can you find these hypermarkets? Having dealt with all this, without any problems you will be able to understand whether it is worthwhile to go here for shopping.


Hypermarkets "Crossroads" is a whole tradenet. By itself, it represents the most ordinary stores in which buyers can find everything they need to live. The bulk of goods - products. Therefore, "Crossroads" is usually considered a grocery hypermarket.

hypermarkets intersection

Also here you can find products for the house,household chemicals, toys, magazines ... A standard list of everything that is in ordinary supermarkets. But "Crossroads" is considered to be an organization that offers its visitors budgetary rates.


Where exactly is this company located? Hypermarkets "Crossroads" is a federal trade network. The stores of this company are located throughout the country. And this fact pleases many residents. After all, products can be bought at affordable prices!

For today in Russia "Crossroads"exists in 121 cities of the country. The network has more than 500 various outlets. This organization is developing very quickly, it is constantly expanding, opening new stores and hypermarkets.

Registration addresses

And where it is registered actually and legallyshop "Crossroads"? This information is important to the partners of the organization. Clients are little worried about where the company is registered. The main thing is that in Russia. Visitors are more important to know the location of retail outlets in cities.

"Crossroads" has the following legal address: Russia, Moscow, Suvorov Square, house 1. But the actual location of the organization is different. Find a company can be at: Moscow, Central Kalitnikovskaya, house 28, building 4.

crossroads moscow

Contacts for communication with management

Which phones are offered for communication withcompany management? For example, if you want to cooperate with Perekrestok, or in the case of serious claims, violations revealed. Which phones will help you contact the director of the trading network?

The number (and fax including) is proposed as follows: 8 (495) 622-88-88. This contact allows you to call without difficulty to the head office of the entire trading network.

Addresses in Moscow

Now a little bit about where the stores are"Crossroads". Moscow is a city that attracts many people. It is here that the company is registered. Therefore, it is worthwhile to find out where to find the "Crossroads" outlets in the Russian capital.

cross-street address

To date, there are about 192 stores and hypermarkets in Moscow. Therefore, pay attention to the central points of sale. They are most often used by the population.

"Crossroads" (Moscow) can be found at the addresses:

  • Okhotny Ryad, house 2.
  • Earth Shaft, house 33.
  • Marxist street, house 1.
  • Bolshaya Polyanka, house 28, building 1.
  • Cow's Tree, House 1.
  • Shabolovka Street, 10.
  • Lyusinovskaya street, house 70.
  • Lenin Sloboda, Building 26.
  • Varshavskoe highway, house 26, buildings 5, 7, 8, 9.
  • Smolenskaya area, the house 3.
  • Area of ​​the Kiev Railway Station, 2.
  • Tishinskaya Square, Building 1.

In general, the "Crossroads" of the address is different. It is worth noting that some of these outlets work around the clock. Some shops are open only until 22-23 hours.


Peter also deserves attention. Moscow and St. Petersburg are cities of federal significance. They play an important role. As a rule, it is in them that retail chains develop quite quickly.

crossroads of shares

Hypermarkets "Crossroads" in St. Petersburg are available in smaller quantities than in the Russian capital. To date, there are only 46 outlets. Where can they be found?

"Crossroads" of the address in St. Petersburg has the following:

  • Civic Avenue, House 41-B,
  • Prospect Bogatyrsky, house 7-A, B,
  • Vyborg highway, house 33-A, G,
  • Komendantsky Prospekt, 33, building 1, letter A, B,
  • Repisheva, Building 13, building 1,
  • Prospekt Prosveshcheniya, House 19-A,
  • Prospekt Kultury, 1-A,
  • Avenue of Engels, 27-D,
  • street Tourist, 36, building 1, letter A,
  • Utochkina street, 4, building 1, letter A, B,
  • Engels Avenue 120-A,
  • Kamyshovskaya 17, building 1,
  • Kolpinskoye highway, 77-A,
  • the area Balkanskaya, 5O,
  • the area of ​​Stachek, 7-A,
  • Dacha Avenue 9, building 1, letter A,
  • the area of ​​Stacek 99A,
  • Polotsk, house 10,
  • Prospect Shlisserburgsky, 17 / 1A,
  • Boulevard Novatorov, 11-A,
  • Moscow highway, 7-A,
  • the embankment of Sverdlovskaya, 60-V,
  • Zanevsky prospect, 67, building 2,
  • street Наставников, 35, the case 1,
  • Marata street, house 86,
  • Prospect Pyatiletok, Building 2,
  • Efimova Street, Building 2,
  • Tipanova, house 21,
  • Highway of the Revolution, house 41/39-A,
  • Prague, house 48/50-A,
  • Malaya Monetnaya, house 2G,
  • Naberezhnaya Morskaya, house 33-35,
  • Prospekt Prosveshcheniya, 81, letter A, B,
  • Prospect of Education, 37,
  • Leninsky Prospect, 137,
  • Aptekarskiy prospect, 18,
  • Small prospectus, 88,
  • Nauki Street, 23-A, building 1.

This is almost all the outlets of "Crossroads",which are located in St. Petersburg. In general, it is not so difficult to find the stores of this supermarket. They are available in almost every district of the city in large quantities.

shop crossroads


Now a little about what stocks are waiting for visitors of this trade network. After all, they often attract people. "Crossroads" shares offers a variety.

For example, you can distinguish:

  • a charity event with the Life Line Foundation;
  • discount on the "Amur Tiger" card (5%);
  • "Favorite foods";
  • the opportunity to purchase gift certificates;
  • action with stickers to receive discounts on cutlery from Yudashkin;
  • the affiliate program "Crossroads" in online stores;
  • making a debit card "Crossroads" (acts as a discount card).

This list is constantly changing. "Crossroads" of the stock is constantly updated. There are also weekly discounts for certain goods. Very comfortably! All current stocks can be found at retail outlets. It's not so difficult. Usually the most interesting offers will be advertised in every way.

Customer opinions

What do visitors think about this trade network? Hypermarkets "Crossroads" are in great demand among many. It is noted that it is really possible to purchase goods at budget prices. Pleases the availability of a separate online store. It greatly facilitates the process of purchasing goods in the "Crossroads".

As such, the network does not have any claims. Rather, buyers are satisfied. The assortment of goods allows you to choose exactly what you need a particular person. There is no monotony. In the rest, "Crossroads" is compared to the most ordinary supermarket. It is no different from the usual stores. Another trading network with its tempting offers.


But as an employer of "Crossroads" is not particularlypleases. However, like most retail chains. Claims are shown standard: many have to work, pay a little, no career growth. Exceptions are separate posts.

hypermarkets intersection in St. Petersburg

Nevertheless, "Crossroads" is a good waypart-time for students. Here you will find official registration, "white" earnings, a social package, always a friendly team. Also, a person will gain invaluable work experience. Just what the beginner needs so much!


Hypermarkets "Crossroads" is a populara trading network that attracts visitors with affordable prices and interesting promotions. Shops and points of sale are available in many cities of Russia. The network is actively developing. The buyers have no particular complaints about the company.

But the workers are not too happy with their bosses. However, this is a normal phenomenon. For moonlighting is a good option. Also, "Crossroads" is suitable for those who do not plan to build a career.

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