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How to start a hotel business: a business plan, useful tips

The hotel business has recently becomemore and more in demand. With the development of tourism, the demand for hotels is growing rapidly, especially in large cities. The organization of this business is quite costly. Although this largely depends on the format of the institution itself and the pricing policy of the region in which it will be open. The main question for a beginning entrepreneur: how to start a hotel business and how to succeed in this business?

Business plan

A successful case always begins with planning. The business plan of the hotel should contain all the main stages of the opening of the future enterprise. First of all, when planning any business, you should conduct market analysis, identify customer demand, competitor pricing and competitiveness. Make marketing analysis can be a specialist marketer for a fee.

sphere of hotel business

Further, the business plan of the hotel must containdescription of the project itself, that is, its goals and objectives, products and services. Here it is necessary to determine the format of the institution, the target audience, location, personnel and equipment.

In the end, a financial plan should be drawn up,to make calculations, to designate the amount of starting capital. In some cases, personal funds are not enough to open an enterprise, so you need to think carefully about the sources of financing.

In fact, clear requirements for the business planno, and the entrepreneur makes it exclusively for himself. To continue to act in accordance with the intended goals. So, where to start a hotel business? Of course, with planning, and further tips and advice for beginners.

Hotel format

If we talk about how to start a hotelbusiness, it is wiser to start with a small format. This will help to assess their capabilities. If the hotel will be in demand, then investments in a short time will pay off, and you can think about expanding and developing the business.

management of hotel business

Which hotel format to choose:

  • Hostel for 7 or 10 rooms.
  • Hotel up to 25 rooms.
  • Small hotel to 50 rooms.

In addition, it is necessary to determine the services andprice policy of the future hotel. In many ways, you need to act on the basis of customer demand. In some cities, most of the guests, for example, students, in this case it is more expedient to open a hotel economy class. In the resort cities will be in demand comfortable comfortable rooms at an average cost. In large cities and regional centers, business class hotels are in demand.

Room search

This is a key point of the hotel business,it directly depends on the number of guests. Choose a room, depending on many factors, for example, in large cities and regional centers, it is more expedient to open a hotel or a hotel in the center or near historical sights. In resort towns, housing is more expensive and more in demand near a recreation area. By the way, tourism and hotel business are two interconnected concepts. In the locality where there is always a large stream of guests, having a hotel is profitable and economically feasible, but its format does not matter much.

hotel business

Immediately it is worth noting that to take a room inrent is unprofitable. If the contract involves renting a building with a subsequent purchase, then you can think about it. But the most ideal option is to build a building from scratch on an individual project, but this is a long process that will take many years. Or you can buy a finished room of at least 300 square meters. m, and reconstruct it.


Each enterprise of the hotel business,regardless of price and location, attracts guests' attention primarily with the design of the rooms and the building itself. If the hotel is aimed at guests with a limited budget, then perhaps the rooms will be less functional and comfortable, but furniture and interior items must necessarily be new.

Style in the interior does not matter. The most important thing is that all interior items and furniture harmoniously blend together and create a single composition. The most popular styles for hotel rooms are classic, minimalist, neoclassic. Equally important is that furniture and technology are new and of high quality. In general, the room must comply with sanitary and fire regulations.

The services

The first and most important thing for a hotel is cleanliness andsecurity. Each organizer must provide his guests with daily cleaning, clean bed linen and towels. And it does not depend on the price of accommodation. In more expensive hotels, guests are offered breakfast, internet, cable TV or other services. On the territory of the hotel there must be a laundry or an agreement on the provision of services of a third-party organization.

where to start a hotel business

No less important point, which in the compulsoryorder the hotel business requires - this is the security of the guests. It is necessary to conclude an agreement with a security company, install an alarm fire-fighting system, an evacuation plan. It is also desirable to have a convenient parking.


Management of the hotel business should be entrusteda professional who can rationally use material, information and labor resources. If there is no experience in this area, it is better to hire an experienced manager and several administrators.

In many respects, the number of stafffrom the scale of the hotel, if it is small, then the administrator, for example, can also engage in bookings, and the maid to work part-time in the laundry.

business hotel plan

Financial plan

Once the main issues are resolved,calculate the cost of the organization of the enterprise. Even a small hotel will cost at least 15 million rubles (this is in a small town). In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the cost can reach 200 million rubles.

How to start a hotel business is necessary, so it is with the allocation of the budget for the organization of the enterprise. To calculate the finance follows according to the following scheme:

  • 50% of the total budget will go to construction or purchase of the building;
  • 25% - for the reconstruction and redevelopment of the premises;
  • 15% - for repair, purchase of furniture and equipment;
  • 10% - for other expenses and staff salaries.

When planning the hotel business, you need to consider that it will pay off only after 5-12 years. And the revenue depends on many factors, such as competition and seasonality.

tourism and hotel business

Despite the fact that the hotel business isquite a costly event, in recent years the hotel has only become more. What says that being an owner of your hotel is profitable and promising. However, success depends on the level of customer service and prices for services. By the way, do not forget about the advertising campaign and other events to attract the audience.

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