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Staffing of the personnel management system. Information, technical and legal support of the personnel management system

The term "personnel management systempersonnel "means a set of necessary quantity, composition of quality employees in the personnel service.To determine the number of employees, the needs of staff structures and company's charter are taken into account.

Factors influencing recruitment

Among the main factors affecting the number of employees of the organization, it should be noted:

  • How many workers are there in the company.
  • The scope of the company's activities, in what conditions does it work, its scope and characteristics, the availability and number of branches.
  • What are the social characteristics of the organization, the categories of employees and the qualifications of workers.
  • What tasks are being solved, their complexity, how complex they are.
  • How much management is provided technically and much more.

Methods of calculation

Since the definition of the number of employees eachthe company makes independently, deciding what requirements for the personnel it needs and what qualifications it should have, there is no precise and precise calculation.

personnel management of the personnel management system

All literature gives only recommendations on this matter.

You can calculate the number of employees using the following methods:

  • Multifactorial correlation analysis.
  • Comparison.
  • Economic-mathematical analysis.
  • Direct calculation.
  • Calculation taking into account the laboriousness of work and so on.

Correlation analysis

It is based on a multifactorial evaluation of functionsmanaging and shared responsibilities. There is a scheme developed by researchers that allows you to assess the indicators required by companies, taking into account factors affecting the number of employees. To apply it, you need to reduce all the necessary factors, then use the mathematical formula and perform a correlation analysis. It allows you to determine how the number of employees depends on these factors. It is also important to take into account the specifics of the industry sector. But since the enterprise operates in a competitive environment, this method can not be accepted as the only correct one. Modern management of personnel assumes the account of a condition of market economy at the moment of calculations.

Direct calculation, comparative, expert and other methods

To analyze the needs of the companyBy comparison, it is common to evaluate two economic systems. One of them should be more developed. Thus, there is a search for a difference between systems and a definition that makes one more successful than the other.

personnel reserve

An expert calculation involves workexperts and researchers who express their opinion on the tasks assigned. Usually it is used only in combination with other methods of calculation.

It is also possible to develop economic-mathematicalmodel based on the mechanism of work in real time. This will allow you to see a more accurate picture, but you can get very little data from it. Direct calculation of the number of employees involves determining how much labor it takes to implement all management functions. But most often the calculation is based on the costs of labor and labor.

Foreign Personnel Services

In various industries and places far abroadthere is a certain average number of employees of management personnel. So, in America, one boss on average manages a hundred workers. In Germany for one and a half hundred workers one manager is responsible. But in Japan there are 27 managers on average for a thousand workers. Naturally, in different branches this number can vary.

staff requirements

It is believed that the introduction of the information technology base and the development of the management infrastructure influenced the reduction in the number of employees who are given work in the personnel department.

The most important difference between foreign companiesit is considered that they are recruiting management personnel on the side. That is, they hire employees who have been trained and qualified, but who are not employees of the company. When calculating the number of employees, they take into account their professional capabilities, specialty and qualification of future employees. As for domestic companies, work in the personnel department usually goes to people who have not received a certain education and do not have the necessary skills. And the job descriptions do not correspond to modern standards and do not reflect all the tasks of the enterprise.

Business management of EMS

Staffing and documentation support of the systempersonnel management has in its turnover documentation, and such provision involves the organization of work with it. Thus, it includes a complete cycle of processing documentation, from its creation and ending with the transfer of finished documents to business units.

Bases of office maintenance:

  • It is necessary to process all documents in a timely manner.
  • Providing management documents necessary documents for their execution.
  • Printing.
  • Registration of employees, saving of all data.
  • It is necessary to form business, and as it is required for a specific enterprise.
  • It is necessary to copy and copy documents.
  • It is required to monitor their performance and much more.

Information support of the SUP

Personnel information support of the systempersonnel management is a stream of operational, documentary and normative-reference information in the company. Computer systems are considered to be computer systems: classification and framing, management documentation, organization, storage and registration of information. Intra-machine support is considered to be data sets, from which the information base on carriers is formed. In addition, this includes programs for the accumulation, organization, introduction and receipt of information contained in arrays.

work in the personnel department

When designing and developing an informationthe most important thing is to establish the composition and structure of information that is necessary for management. For the qualitative performance of functions, it is necessary that the information conforms to the norms that require staffing of the personnel management system. It should reflect all services and their activities, describe in a comprehensive manner the organizational, technical, technological, social and economic services and their relationship to outside conditions. It must quickly flow into the system, reflecting the processes taking place in real time. Enter information into the database systematically and continuously, if there is such an opportunity. It must also be reliable.

Which information system should I choose

When a company faces the needtransfer the storage of information on electronic media, there is always the question of what to choose. There are many bases on the domestic market, but independently developed security will better meet the needs of the firm. In addition, taking into account the products presented, it is possible to improve the staffing of the personnel management system of the organization only by improving or altering them. After all, they reflect outdated principles and concepts. If a company can afford to use specialists capable of creating a quality guarantee in a qualitative and reliable way, this will save not only time, but sometimes money. As such software products are often much more effective than those that are presented in the domestic market.

personnel problems

When choosing a number of criteria,for example, what features the system has, how much the product costs, is there a prospect for software development, what are its technical characteristics, and what is the percentage of risks of its use.

Functional capabilities of the system and its conformity

Information system that presupposes staffingthe provision of a personnel management system should correspond to those functions of the business that are used in the company or will be implemented in the near future. For example, if through this system the organization plans to reduce the marriage in production, then it should already have automated quality control of products. To determine the conformity of the system, it is necessary to clearly understand in which direction the company will move and what its development strategy is. If management does not know what exactly it needs, experts recommend hiring freelancers who will be engaged in the evaluation and selection of the system.

staffing and documentation support of the personnel management system

Such an approach will help not only to clearly structure business processes and build the company's information system, but also to better understand its work, gain experience from other companies.

Information Technology

If we consider IT, then it's certaintechnologies and software, through which automation and improvement of business processes takes place, which includes the staffing of the personnel management system. In other words, these funds help coordinate the work of different departments of the organization and monitor the relationship between the management team and employees. Communication passes through a network connection, telephone line and in person. Also, the software allows management to receive all the necessary information about the employees in order to better plan the various activities, including the calculation of salaries, decisions on upgrading skills and much more.

Technical support of EMS

Such a security is a complextechnical means. In other words, these are interconnected autonomous, managed technical means that allow collecting, registering, accumulating, transferring, processing, making and providing information. Also in this list is the organizational technique. In order to ensure the staffing of the personnel management system from the technical side effectively, it is necessary to ensure an increase in the productivity of the work activity of employees. To do this, we usually use the problems derived by the economic-mathematical method. After all, it is this technique that gives a more complete and accurate result, representing calculations taking into account the events taking place in real time. Technological processes take place in several stages. The management service uses them to carry out their activities more quickly and efficiently.

Management by means of technical means

First of all,allowing to collect and register information. These devices prepare data on what is the personnel reserve, register all the necessary information and collect it in one place. They are designed to convert data into the desired form, which can then be used for further data processing.

assessment of personnel management

Next, a technique is used to transferinformation within the organization. These are telephone, teleprinter and facsimile means of communication. With their help, you can transfer information between departments and branches of the enterprise.

In order to conduct an accounting of personnel in the organization,the human resources service also needs the means that will allow it to store all the necessary information. Basically, card files and external media are used for this. With their help, information is stored for a long time.

Computer technology helps to processstored information. This equipment can be considered the main one in the complex of technical means for management of employees. It is this equipment that makes it possible to transform the data that make up the personnel reserve into the kind of information that is necessary to make managerial decisions.

You also need tools toinformation available for processing by human resources. It is through printing devices, voice and video, employees can use information in a form that is acceptable for human perception.

These are only the most important and conditionally significanttechnical means necessary for work with personnel. The fact is that different structures and companies need different techniques. It all depends on what sphere the company works in and what goals it pursues. In each organization the personnel service, personnel policy are different, and this must be taken into account. Therefore, when choosing the type, model and other characteristics of the equipment, many factors should be taken into account.

Normative and methodological support

This type of collateral isa set of documentation of a different nature. This may include organizational, methodological, administrative, technical, and economic documents. Also this is background information, organization rules, labor standards and the like. In general, all the necessary information that is required for management. It is with its help that personnel management evaluation is conducted.

Legal support

For him, forms and means of influencelegal nature of the objects of the UE. This is necessary to improve the efficiency of staff. A legal guide can guide the implementation. In some cases, some of the responsibilities are shifted to petty bosses. Usually, they are instructed to perform one or several legal support functions. It all depends on how big the company is and how much work needs to be done. In large organizations, there is a legal department, which deals with such issues or is the main one in solving such problems. In most cases, staffing problems arise from the fact that the work is carried out directly with people. In this regard, only when account is taken of clearly regulated rights and duties, the human resources department will be able to carry out its activities. After all, his duties include accepting employees for work, appointing to positions, transferring to other departments. And the main task of the management service is to avoid conflicts and take into account all the rights of employees.

There are laws, acts and norms inlegislation of the country, allowing to resolve similar issues. At the same time, in each organization additional requirements are imposed on the staff, and this must be taken into account. Therefore, the duties of the legal department may include the development of projects, the examination of submitted documents for compliance with legislation, the organization of work with data, explaining to employees their rights and obligations. Thus, the work of the legal department is extremely important for the management of personnel in large enterprises and large companies.

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