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Calibrated circle: characteristics and scope

Circle calibrated - one of the types of rollingbecome. To produce it, only high quality carbon steel is used, which is melted in a special way. For additional processing, cold drawing is used. As a result of this approach, the physical, plastic, and mechanical properties of steel are increased. In addition, surface characteristics are improved.

circle calibrated

Depending on the purpose, the calibrated circleMetal can be amenable to additional surface treatment, which as a result is polished or matt. A stainless product has a first class of degree of curvature, as well as a second class.

The steel calibrated circle is produced with medium, high and high precision machining. To mark them, the letters A, B and B are used, respectively.

The circle is calibrated according to normsGOST 7417-75. It regulates the production of products, the diameter of the circle is from 3 to 100 mm. Circles up to 5 mm are produced, as a rule, in coils. If the diameter is more than 5 mm, the products look like bars. For a calibrated circle, the maximum deviation of diameter h11 is allowed.

Manufacturers at will of the customer can make a circle with a diameter of 25 mm in the form of coils. In addition, the buyer can order a calibrated circle with heat treatment.

metal circle

Calibrated circles along the length are divided into:

- products of dimensional length;

- products of unlimited length.

For the production of this metal products are useddifferent grades of steel, for example: 40, 40x, 45, 10, 20, 35. The circle is calibrated in the form of bars with a length of 2 to 6.5 meters produced from alloyed, low-alloy, automatic and high-quality carbon steel. High-alloy steel is used for the length of rods from 1.5 to 6.5 meters. And with an unlimited length (not less than 1.5 m), high-quality carbon steel, alloyed and automatic is used. Calibrated circles of a greater length are made by special order.

calibrated circle

The circle calibrated has found its application in the mostdifferent areas. The steel product is used mainly for reinforcing reinforced concrete. A calibrated circle made of low-alloy steel, because of its resistance to unfavorable conditions, has become indispensable in the northern latitudes during construction. In some cases, it is also used to ground the gas pipeline lines. Stainless steel bars, round bars (calibrated circles) are used in automotive, aviation, shipbuilding, woodworking, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

Also calibrated circles have won their place in design and outdoor advertising. In addition, they are used for internal processing of premises.

Due to its high strength and durabilitythe calibrated stainless ring is perfectly suited for the production of a wide variety of parts, which will be used in conditions of high loads and high temperatures. Stainless steel is an excellent material for the manufacture of grinding balls, the production of pipes, the design of various spare parts and fasteners.

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