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Rigging: the specificity of the industry

Loading and unloading operations - separatea branch that combines special engineering knowledge, the ability to distribute and evaluate the scale of actions, the use of highly specialized techniques. A special feature of this sphere are high requirements to safety standards, therefore, it is possible to entrust the execution of rigging only to professional companies with solid experience in the market and a well-coordinated team of specialists.

Specificity of rigging

When transporting goods more than 1 toncareful planning of the work of technology is necessary. In addition to weight, the dimensions of the moved objects are taken into account. Particular attention is paid to the conditions under which loading and unloading works will be carried out. Small rooms, height restrictions, the presence of overall structures - all this requires a small and maneuverable equipment, as well as high qualification of the operator.

Moscow rigging company "Rigging" offers loading and unloading servicesany complexity in the territory of Moscow and in the regions. Working more than 10 years on the market, the company organized thousands of crossings, developed optimal displacement schemes, developed its own transportation algorithms.

The staff of the company employs professionalengineers who will promptly and accurately assess the cargo, determine the power of the necessary equipment, calculate the possible risks and anticipate their occurrence. The presence in the park of the company of modern and high-tech equipment makes loading operations safe, and significantly shorten the operating time.

Stages of implementation

Transportation of goods by riggingis carried out starting from 200 kg. To determine the level of complexity and volume of work, the cargoes are stratified by weight. The first group includes weights from 200 to 400 kg, to objects of medium gravity, objects of between 400 and 800 kg are counted. Objects from 800 kg to 90 tons are heavy loads requiring special equipment and knowledge.

The number of moving objects includes machines, production lines, raw materials, small architectural forms, safes, ATMs, server devices, transformers.

At the first stage, the master measuresdimensions of the cargo, evaluation of its weight according to the documentation. This information allows you to determine the amount of equipment, its type and the number of employees required for transportation. The next important step is to determine the route, the expert assesses the possibility of the equipment in the given conditions, plans the route of movement of the cargo, determines possible options for potentially dangerous or difficult places. According to all the data obtained, a list of equipment and personnel that will participate in the operation is being formed. To rigging passed quickly and without complications, detailed planning and accounting of all nuances of structures and surrounding objects is required. Based on the technical data, a financial estimate is formed and a budget is planned.

Advantages of cooperation with the company "Riggers"

The company "Rigging" has a solid experience inorganization and carrying out of transportation of cargoes of different volume and weight. Careful attitude to the equipment and the account of technical moments make it possible to guarantee the safety of movement and safety of goods.

High qualification of masters providesoperational loading and unloading works, prevents possible technical difficulties, allows solving difficult situations with minimal financial losses. The modern and high-quality fleet of the company guarantees the efficiency of work, the efficiency of loading, as well as a reasonable pricing policy.

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