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Khrenovo stud farm - the pride of Russia

Russia is a big country. It has many special places, which are considered a symbol of this vast territory. Khrenovskaya stud farm is not only an architectural monument, but also a home for a unique breed of horses - the Oryol trotters. To date, this is one of the most popular breeds in the world. Especially for these horses a special kind of test is carried out - running for a certain distance.

Location and history of the founder

The location of the stud farm is Khrenovoye village,Bobrovsky district, Voronezh region. Hence the name "Khrenovskaya" appeared. The plant was founded by Count Orlov-Chesmensky in the 18th century. The founder's personality is more than known. Approached by Catherine II, albeit not fluent in foreign languages ​​and not possessing impressive knowledge, he left a remarkable mark in history.

Khrenovskaya stud farm

Not always Alex was a count. He was born in the family of the governor of Novgorod. He spent relatively happy childhood with his brothers, he graduated from the Landed Gentry Corps. He spent his poor and gay youth. Actively participated in the palace coup. Presumably killed (unknown, accidentally or intentionally) by Peter III. He was in relationship with the future empress. She also granted all the brothers noble titles. From that moment the story of Count Orlov begins.

The erection of the complex

So, having received land in the Voronezh region, the countdecides to start breeding a new breed of horses. For this he wants to build a solid plant for breeding. Therefore, the Count invites the talented architect D. I. Zhilyardi. As a result, the work began to boil. Only eight years built the complex. Khrenovskaya stud farm already in the 18th century became a truly great creation. In the future, this will not only be the habitat for unique representatives of the breed, but also an excellent example of the organization of horse breeding.

Bobrovsky district of Voronezh region

Bobrovsky district of the Voronezh region is famousIts stud farm, which adjoins the village of Sloboda. Its area is about 30 hectares. The section of the regular rectangular shape is divided by a running circle into two unequal parts. Conditionally, the complex can be divided into three zones - industrial, administrative and residential and economic.

Excretion of a new breed

Khrenovskoy stud farm was conceived asa haven of a new unique breed of horses. According to the count, the horse must be quick, hardy and dry. Orlov represented something between an Arabian stallion and a Western European draft horse. For the selection of breeding material, he reviewed hundreds of animals. At the behest of Empress Catherine II, the count received the best queens and stallions from all the stud farms in Russia, trophy horses from Turkey and Arabia. Thus, he became the owner of almost thirty tribal stallions. For horse breeding this is an impressive figure.

Khrenovskaya stud farm excursion

In fact, the count of the creation of the Orel breeda trotter can be considered bringing the magnificent Arabian stallion Smetanki to Russia. At that time he was given fabulous money for him - 60 thousand silver. We bought a horse from the Turkish sultan. For comparison, the annual budget of the country was limited to only 25 thousand rubles. As a result, with an embassy and under escort, the Arabian stallion Smetanka was brought to Russia. Since the way went by land, across the border with Poland and Hungary, the road took two years.

Finding suitable horses

What exactly did Smetanka draw the look of Count Orlov? He was a tall stallion for the Arabian breed, with a long body. Interestingly, after the autopsy a curious defect was discovered: the animal had 19 pairs of ribs, not 18. The unique was his suit - almost white as sour cream. The horse possessed excellent gaits, especially beautiful trot.

Unfortunately, in Russia Smetanka did not live long, andfrom it it was possible to receive not so many foals. There are several options for his death. According to the most common version it is believed that the stallion became a victim of a groom. With a hangover, he roughly jerked it to the watering hole. The horse jerked and rolled over, banging his head against the well. For less popular versions of the sensitive Arabian horse, the climate and food did not fit.

Further development

To create the breed Orlov trotter usedOnly one foal from Smetanki-Polkan. By that time, the Count had already clearly imagined what he would like to receive in the end. An especially important criterion is the ability to trot for a long time, as it was the most economical pace, convenient for the crew. From the first betting foals from Smetanki, Bars I was most often used. Already from him were received the Dear and the Swan.

Orlov trotter

Even after the death of Count Khrenovskaya stud farmcontinued his work. To test a new breed of horses came up with special training - running. It was necessary that the horse ran only trot at a certain distance.

Khrenovskaya stud farm: an excursion into the present

To date, the stud farm is oneof the largest in Russia. He is still engaged in the conservation and revival of the breed Orlov trotter. Young people are trained, records are set, the enterprise develops. Recently, there are excursions. The old architecture is preserved, which makes the complex also a historical monument.

There is a museum on the territory of the plant. In addition to the unique architecture, the exhibition can get to know the history of the most famous trotters. Here are photos, pedigrees, awards. All these artifacts are carefully collected in the museum. There is also a mini-layout of the entire plant, as well as documents, such as books, taking into account all the wins and losses. All visitors are on the left and stables, telling interesting facts about the trotters.

Khrenovskaya stud farm address

If you are a great lover of horses, welcomeat the Khrenovskaya stud farm! The address is memorable: Voronezh Region, Sloboda Village, Bolshaya Street. It should be noted that there is a school on the territory of the enterprise. Especially interesting here will be people who plan to become riders and take part in the races. The complex employs about five hundred people. Thanks to the support from the state Khrenovskoy plant is one of the most popular in the country.

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