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The northern capital of Russia is St. Petersburg. Ideas for business

The Russian Federation is located on the territory ofEurope and Asia, which speaks of its endless landscapes and amazing places. And indeed, every year this state is visited by a huge number of tourists. Many are worried about which city is the Northern Capital of Russia and why is it so popular? The answer is simple - St. Petersburg. This is the cultural center of the state. Its area is 1440 square meters. km.

For investment - an excellent option, becauseon the territory of the city, active construction work is constantly conducted. This sphere is promising for many. Why, you ask? Buying an apartment in this famous city is an expensive acquisition. However, if you invest in the construction phase, then this transaction will be quite profitable. There are also other options, which we will discuss in more detail below. First, let's study the history of the city and its features.

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City `s history

During the Northern War, the army of Peter the Greatcaptured the fortress of Nienschanz. To consolidate positions, the city was founded nearby. The king himself examined the nearest territories in search of a suitable place. It was supposed to be near the sea and become acceptable to life. Over time, Peter found the Hare Island, where the first buildings were built. The governor conceived that this city would be a port city.

The northern capital of Russia was founded on May 27, 1703. On this day the foundation of the Peter and Paul Fortress was laid. The location of the building contributed to the control of the sea. At this time there was a war, so the fortress was built very quickly. Peter supervised the construction, he personally made a plan for the construction. It was built in just 3 years.

Since 1706, the surrounding land began to develop andbuild up. The city developed rapidly. Peter wanted to equip it according to the European type. This is how you can now see St. Petersburg. The northern capital of Russia received official status in 1712. Here often comes the king and various statesmen. When the Great War began, the city was renamed Petrograd, since the "burg" comes from the German word "city". In 1924 he was renamed in honor of Lenin. Then it is called Leningrad.


For business it is very important that the city livesufficient number of solvent population. St. Petersburg has a high economic level. As for the population, in the cultural center of the great state there are about 5.3 million people on a permanent place of residence. For a long time depopulation was observed in the city. The population decreased. But by 2012 the process went in the opposite direction. And the number increased to 5 million. This happened mainly at the expense of newcomers.

The northern capital of Russia consists of more than 200different nationalities and peoples. Mostly they are citizens of the former Soviet Union. Most often there are Russians, Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Tatars and Jews. That's why you can organize a restaurant business with a certain cuisine. People who moved to permanent residence in St. Petersburg will be happy to try their national dishes again.

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Peter is one of the main economic centersRussia. The main activities: trade, manufacturing, transport and communications, construction. The northern capital of Russia is the largest financial market in the state (after Moscow). In the city there are different exchanges: currency, commodity, stock, futures, oil. About 40 commercial banks and 100 branches from other cities are registered in St. Petersburg.

Commercial property

So, let's consider what can giveinvestment in real estate. St. Petersburg is a developed economic center, therefore here buildings for offices, shops, hotels, etc. are constantly being built. Moreover, this sphere implies not only the erection of new structures, but also the reconstruction of old ones. It is worth noting, the latter in the city are in abundance. Many of them are architectural monuments. If possible, experts recommend opening a multi-profile enterprise that can function in different directions.

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Culture and tourism

This city is a "cultural capital"Russian Federation. There is an impressive amount of historical and cultural heritage. In the city there are hundreds of museums. The main one, of course, is the Hermitage. You can also mention many other, equally important and interesting cultural institutions. Moreover, there are hundreds of libraries, 50 cinemas, 10 movie studios.

The Northern Capital of Russia is a permanent placeholding various festivals, exhibitions, premier theatrical productions. There are hundreds of objects in the city that you can look at. Proceeding from this, we can conclude: the opening of a travel company, which will provide guides and guides, is quite an advantageous business. For a year here comes a huge number of guests who are ready to pay any money for interesting excursions. It is also possible to expand the scope of the services offered by making tours to other cities and countries. The population of St. Petersburg is quite solvent. And can afford to spend a vacation abroad.

Transport industry

Again, based on the number of peopleSt. Petersburg, the transport enterprise will be quite profitable. For example, bus transport, and routes can be both within the city and beyond. Also in any large settlement, where many people live, there is always a need to transport different overall items. That's why I recommend having several trucks on the company's balance sheet. St. Petersburg - the Northern Capital of Russia - has not in vain become a symbol of the state. Here, not only can one live well, but there is also the opportunity to build a completely successful and profitable business.

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