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We answer the question about why not chicken

It is not easy to keep a household. In order to have a result, animals need to be properly cared for, fed, and created the conditions necessary for life. But it is worth remembering that just like people, they do not have very favorable periods.

why not chicken
About chickens

Than so valuable chickens? Everything is very simple: the conditions for their maintenance do not require anything supernatural, feeding is also common, but the results from their livelihood are simply pleasing. This is a daily testicle, periodically meat, as well as feathers for pillows. But sometimes people who have such an economy, the question arises: "Why are not the chickens rushing?" It seems that nothing has changed, and the animals somehow changed.

A place

First, what should I look for ifchicken stopped to swarm - on their habitat. Ideally, the temperature in their enclosure should be no higher than 25 and not lower than 0 degrees Celsius. Only under such conditions the birds feel great. If, in hot weather, chickens are on the street, they need to be moved to the shade. It is also very important that the birds need a place for walking. If near the house the chickens are in a fairly tight fence, several times a day they just need to be grazed.

why do not you go chicken

Answer the question about why not rushingchicken, can be as follows: they do not have enough vitaminized or simply improper nutrition. The opinion that chickens, like pigs, eat everything in a row, is wrong. They need both hard and soft food, as well as fresh grass and foods saturated with calcium. It is important to enrich their food with vitamins A and B12. In addition, it is useful for chickens to eat crushed shells or a crumpled shell of their own eggs. Do not be lazy, it's better to give the birds everything in the complex, and then the problem with the fact that the chickens do not rush, just never arise.


Another version of why the chicken does not rush: maybe they're just sick. And in a morbid state, you do not want anything and nothing happens even in birds. Elementarily chicken can overtake vitamin deficiency, torture feather tick, etc. If a similar situation arises, it is better for the bird to show the veterinarian and determine the problem.

the chicken stopped racing

Chickens are ordinary living things. Therefore, they can also experience stress or fright. In addition, the chicken is fearful, and even the sound of rain can scare them. Alas, no one can prevent this. Here it is only necessary to wait a little, the result will not change. If everything remains as before, you should contact the veterinarian.


There is another answer to the question of whydo not rush the chicken, maybe they overtook the egg-laying decline syndrome. Scientists do not know what it may be related to, but the fact remains. Therefore, if the hens have stopped carrying eggs, it is better to wait a little. But if the situation has not changed in a week, again it is worth asking for help to a veterinarian.


Well, and probably the simplest answer to the question aboutWhy the chicken does not rush: the master is simply inattentive. Maybe they changed the place where they lay their eggs, and the owner just decided that they do not do their job. It is worthwhile to carefully inspect their enclosures and rummage in those places where it would be convenient to swim the chickens. Maybe there will be a whole egg condition.

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