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Technology of growing potatoes in boxes

Potatoes are a very valuable foodculture, cultivated in different countries of the world. The homeland of the potato is South America, where many species of wild and cultivars of this plant grow in the foothills and mountains.

It's hard to believe that there was a time when potatoesserved as a purely decorative culture and food was not used for its delicious and wholesome tubers. But a lot of time has passed since then, the technology of growing potatoes has been thoroughly worked out and scientifically substantiated, many varieties have been developed, of which, in turn, hybrids have been created, but our restless people of vegetable gardeners do not want to calm down: they try new methods, experiment and now you are looking, a new potato growing technology is ready, showing excellent results.

A striking example of such innovation is thecultivation of potatoes in boxes, which has already been tested by many enthusiasts. This technology of growing potatoes was highly appreciated and recommended for use by all comers.

As a box, you can take any capacity: a wooden or plastic barrel, a large box of meter parameters or even a reinforced concrete ring for the wells.

First, the capacity should be freed from the bottom -This will allow the excess moisture to escape and open the passage to earthworms. If the material allows, then the whole surface of the tank must be drilled with small holes. They should be placed at a distance of 10-20 cm and the diameter should be kept within 1-1.5 cm. This procedure is necessary in order to ensure air access to the rhizomes, since the potato is extremely demanding for the air regime of the soil.

If the material does not allow for holes, thenInside the box, a hose is laid spirally, through which holes are made every 20-25 cm. One end of the hose is clogged and lowered to the bottom, the other, with rising spiral rings, comes to the surface. Through it, with the help of cycling, it will be necessary 3 times a week, for 5-10 minutes, to pump air, which will feed oxygen to the root system of plants.

Since, by cultivating potatoes inboxes, it is expected to collect a good harvest, then it is necessary to seriously treat the composition of the soil, the option simply to throw a shovel from the garden is not suitable. The bottom of the container, at a thickness of 10 cm, is laid concentrates of urghs, prepared independently from food waste.

To prepare the concentrate you need all foodwaste, including fish scales, bones and eggshells, collect and lay out a thin layer in a plastic bag, and sprinkle with organo-microbiological preparation of Urgas, then package and leave for fermentation for 3-4 days. The result is a valuable organic fertilizer.

On urgas lay a soil mixture consistingfrom the above compost, sod land and ordinary soil, taken in equal proportions. The soil layer is 10 cm, and here, in fact, the planting of tubers begins. The given potato growing technology assumes that potatoes will be planted every 20 cm, and if the container is round - planting should be conducted diametrically, if square - in staggered order. Having planted the first layer, lay out the turn of the air hose, pour a layer of soil, watered and again planted a layer of potatoes. Such a landing can be made in three floors.

If everything is done correctly, thena small capacity will begin the formation of powerful root systems, on which a lot of potato tubers will start. It should be remembered to maintain the optimal water and air balance in the soil and make fertilizing.

Like the above described technology isthe cultivation of potatoes in bags that can be hung, placed on a balcony and moved. Bags are recommended to take canvas, with handles, for about 40 liters of capacity. Using the cultivation of potatoes in bags, you can get a very early harvest of tubers, since bags for the night and frosts can be hidden in the room.

Experiment, try and reward you will be a high harvest from a small plot.

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