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Rigging - specific. Where is taught at the austere

How important and important is the professionThe rigger? Many young people have such a question. The answer to it can be obtained in specialized vocational schools or in construction companies. Going there, you need to keep in mind that the rig is not just a loader. The course includes technical subjects and practical exercises.

Masters give students examples of orders, from which you can see - everyone must master all the necessary skills. One of the activities - rigging works when transporting industrial equipment. The need for them arises in many cases:

× In the process of replacing the machines more advanced;

× When repairing or moving equipment to another room;

× If it is necessary to recycle or dismantle production lines for sale.

Any dismantling requires special knowledge, andservices loaders here can not do. Multitone factory equipment is often oversized. When moving to work sometimes at risk: near high-voltage lines, in confined spaces, not used for such operations. No less skill requires safes transportation institutions. Here its specificity - smooth walls, heavy weight, limited space, the need to pull the object out of the room, without violating the surrounding space.

Preparation and carrying out of rigging works, special equipment and rigging

The safety of rigging is attachedparamount importance is not on paper, but in practice. Errors in preparation are unacceptable, there are no trifles here. Preparatory operations include: checking the degree of wear of chains in hoists; ensuring the uninterrupted supply of electricity, the organization of a rational transportation route.

A concrete example is the relocation of oneA large workshop equipped with a large number of equipment. Each mechanism should not only be dismantled, but also packaged and labeled. Then determine the order of transportation. This order stevedores They do not have the right to violate, because it depends on itthe success of the installation in a new location. Huge loads require the use and special rigging equipment and rigging. Adaptations are needed from high-quality materials. Often they have to be made to order, when the machines have a complex configuration. Technical means here can only be listed briefly. These are hoists of high carrying capacity, having a chain drive. Smooth movements during the lifting of the load are provided by hydraulic jacks.

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