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What should be properly formulated characteristic for the driver

The characteristic for the driver is a document,which is requested by higher authorities or required for employment. As a rule, it should be positive. Be sure to meet the basic requirements and have an established look.


Typically, the driver's characteristics include the following main points:

  • The title of the document (at the top the title is shown in bold, in the next sentence it is written to whom the characteristic is composed).
  • Surname, name, patronymic of the driver and his date of birth.
  • Driving category.
  • Education (the name of the institution, specialty and year of graduation).
  • Experience (indicate the place of work and feedback about the driver, indicate when he began to cooperate with your organization).
  • Violations and accidents during work.
  • Penalties and reprimands.
  • Thanks.
  • Labor discipline, attitude to it.
  • The qualities that the driver has.
  • Specify by whose request this characteristic is issued.

Characteristic for the driver

In the event that the driver is excellenthas proved itself, the characteristic should be the most positive. It will be a plus indication of the personal and driving qualities of the employee to whom this document was issued.

In the characteristics of the driver must be the signature of the director of the organization and the seal.


The following is a description of the driver, a sample of its writing. To make the example clear, Viktor Ivanovich Romanov (non-existent) will be the employee for whom the document is being written.

Characteristic for driver sample


Issued to the driver of category "B", "C" to Viktor Ivanovich Romanov

Victor Ivanovich Romanov, born in 1985. Categories "B", "C". He graduated from Novosibirsk Technical School in 2006. Specialty - "Automechanics".

In 2006, Viktor Ivanovich Romanov was received onwork in our organization as a driver. During the time on the production machine, there were no accidents or violations of traffic rules. Victor is always responsible and qualitatively coming to the point and fulfilling his duties on time. The driver did not receive any reprimands and reprimands during the cooperation with us. Victor was repeatedly awarded with prizes, cash gifts and other means of encouragement. To work, he always takes seriously and responsibly. And he also enjoys well-deserved respect from his superiors and staff.

Characteristics issued for presentation by the driver at the place of request.

Performance characteristics for the driver of a car


On the road there are times when evena professional for some reason has problems with the traffic police. If this was an isolated case, and not acceptable behavior on the road, it is worth noting this in the document "Performance characteristics for the driver of the car."

Positive points of this document increase the chance of employment in a new place.

Characteristics of the driver greatly facilitates the future employer acquaintance with the person and deciding whether his organization needs such an employee.

For security agencies this document is necessaryto present exactly on time, signed by the director and stamped. If the driver's characteristic is needed to help in the return of the driver's license, which is indicated in the characteristic itself, it is worth adding positive qualities of the employee: discipline, responsibility and caution.

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