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Features of the labor market in modern Russia

The peculiarities of the labor market in our country are necessaryanalyze from three positions: the formation of an employment policy, which should take into account the specifics of the current economic trends; national traits and qualities;
mentality of the population.

Unfortunately, the peculiarities of the labor market inrecent years are built on the basis of approaches and principles that are characteristic of the strategies of European countries. But it is not always taken into account that it is possible to implement them only if we adapt to domestic realities.

Therefore, priority directions of state policy for 2011-2015 were developed. Let us consider in detail the main ones.

  1. Creation of institutional, economic and legal conditions that will ensure the development of an efficiently functioning and flexible labor market.
  2. Overcoming the structural discrepancy between supply and demand for labor.
  3. Creating conditions for improving the quality of the workforce, motivation for work and labor mobility.
  4. Realization of the right of Russian citizens to protection from unemployment.

What do I need to do? The characteristics of the labor market and the development of its main directions suggest the adoption of the following measures.

  1. It is necessary to improve social and laborrelations. This process will include: the development of the institution of social partnership, which implies the strengthening of its role in labor relations; legalization of employment; introduction of voluntary insurance in case of loss of work; the finalization in accordance with the acts of international law of provisions in the labor legislation that will affect social partnership.
  2. Features of the labor market in our country directlydepend on the growth of industry, generating new and effective places for citizens. Therefore, the development of this sphere is important. This will ensure the increase and intensification of labor productivity, reduce hidden unemployment, develop and modernize all levels and forms of vocational education, which is focused on the needs of innovative economy and the modern Russian market. In addition, the development of industry will increase the competitiveness of citizens, will contribute to the development of human resources in organizations, the effective employment of young professionals, to overcome long-term and structural unemployment.
  3. Creating a system of conditions that will helpTo expand the supply of labor for the labor market. This can be achieved through the creation of flexible forms of employment for a particular category of citizens (elderly workers, disabled people, women with young children, and so on). The main state mechanism in this case is the quota of jobs for these categories and the introduction of incentive mechanisms for managers to ensure that they hire people with restrictions on work.
  4. The characteristics of the labor market also require improvement and development of the system of state guarantees, protection against unemployment.
  5. It is necessary to form labor mobility anda system of conditions for the process of integration of foreign labor, taking into account the long-term needs of the economy. But the principle of using Russian cadres must be a priority.
  6. It is also planned to increase labor market institutions and public-private partnerships that will promote employment of citizens.

The labor market and its features are one of the indicators that can demonstrate national well-being, stability, and the effectiveness of socio-economic transformations.

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