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Management in education is a whim or an objective necessity?

management in education

Management today is very, very popularscientific direction, because its application in various fields of activity should lead to the mobilization of financial, material and intellectual resources. And it's commercially profitable. But is management needed in education? Or in this area you can easily do without it?

Management in the education system is the norm incountries of Western Europe. It is believed that without the proper organization of the team, it will not be possible to achieve high indicators in the level of student learning achievements. Management in education is simply necessary, because only with its help can be made competent decisions. It is interesting that in the process of their adoption, according to Western experts, every single teacher is obliged to participate. The administration is needed rather to select the most rational proposals and implement them in a single school, university or other educational institution.

management in the education system

Development of scientific approaches to school managementbegan in the 20-ies of the last century. With the development of sociology, psychology, philosophy and various scientific methods of cognition, in particular the system approach, interest in school management has also increased. In the early 90-ies were published major theoretical work of Western scholars. They believed that the final analysis of the activities of any educational institution for the year must necessarily include:

  1. The school implements various directive normative documents of the Ministry of Education.
  2. Efficiency of the annual management cycle.
  3. Analysis of the effectiveness of the methodological work.
  4. Evaluation of the overall quality of education and teaching of key subjects.
  5. Analysis of the interaction of the school with the parents of students;
  6. The effectiveness of the educational institution with various public organizations.
  7. Assessment of the level of pupilty of pupils.
  8. Analysis of compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards.
  9. Results of the implementation of the educational program.

management in the field of education
Management in the field of education is aa set of technological methods, organizational forms, principles and methods that are aimed at improving the effectiveness of the training system. Its main functions are organization, planning, motivation and control. Management in education is reduced primarily to providing all subjects with information about the activities of the system. Based on this information, decisions are made, as well as planning for further activities. Management in education has as its goal the selection of optimal solutions, as well as the development of a program for the development of various educational institutions.

Management of a school or university shouldcarried out in three stages. At the first stage, a diagnosis is made and an estimate is given, at the second, data are collected using various sociological methods, and at the third stage, final conclusions are made about the state of affairs, as well as ways to improve the situation. Without management, one can hardly achieve good results in anything. And training is no exception.

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