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RP-46 machine gun: specifications

The mobile company RP-46 was produced inThe Soviet Union. It is an intermediate small arms, oriented to support the company's links. This unit has become one of the significant infantry variations, capable not only of supporting infantry fire positions, but also of changing positions, as necessary. Let's consider its features and characteristics below.

rpm 46 machine gun

History of creation

The RP-46 machine gun is based on the infantry counterpartDegtyarev's system (7.62 mm). The weapon was modernized in 1944 with the aim of increasing the reliability of its operation, safety and ease of operation. Attempts to upgrade continued further, as the disk store, in comparison with the tape analog, increased the total weight of the machine gun. Tape feeding gave the opportunity to achieve greater power when firing short bursts. This allowed filling a niche between a standard hand and an easel gun. Given the military actions, the importance of anti-personnel fire came to the fore.


In general, for the RP-46 machine gun was designedseven types of tape receivers. Despite this, the introduction of innovation was postponed, and work was also carried out on the use of rifle cartridges in the cage. As a result, the variant was developed, which was developed by designers Shilin, Dubinin, Polyakov (plant number 2, the city of Kovrov). After another upgrade, the company received the 1946 machine gun - RP-46.

The name itself indicates the need forfilling a certain niche of support weapons. The existing machine analogs in their parameters did not correspond to the growing maneuverability and mobility of the infantry. They were mainly used on the flanks or the second front line. In connection with this tangible support from them, the infantry did not feel. The RP-46 machine guns made it possible to change the location if necessary, which made it possible to provide the necessary power on this or that front. In fact, a single machine gun was replaced with an improved, mobile version with sufficient lethal force.

company machine guns of 1946 model pn 46


The barrel of the gun was heaved forstable fire management with continuous bursts. In combination with such a change and the features of the feeding of the tape, it became necessary to transform the gas outlet assembly. The rest of the design in almost all corresponded to the modification of the DPM (Degtyarev's machine gun).

Automation of the RP-46 machine gun, photo of whichpresented below, functions by removing exhaust gases through the lateral socket drilled in the stem wall. The developers have provided a gas regulator and a long open-type working chamber with a branch pipe. The rod part of the piston with the bolt frame is equipped with a return spring, which is located at the rear of the receiver. The main gas piston is put on the front part of the rod.

To install this mechanism on the tailThe drummer wears a tubular rod, a guide tube is inserted into the back plate, which protrudes over the butt of the butt. The trunk canal is locked with a pair of combat stops, as well as hinge type fortifications on the sides of the bolt. They can be bred in the broadened rear part of the drummer, the ejector with a helical spring is provided in the nest of the shutter.

machine gun pn 46 photos


The RP-46 machine gun, the photo of which is presented above,It is equipped with a shock-trigger mechanism, which is installed in the trigger frame. Activation of the trigger trigger is made by means of a lever with a sear and a mechanical safety device of the flag type. The flag itself is set on the right side above the trigger guard. In the back position, the queue mode became active, while the slanted axis of the check prevented the opening of the trigger lever. In principle, the drummer is designed to conduct continuous fire. Further movement of the shutter frame contributes to the separation of the combat stops that make up the trunk box.

We will continue the description of the RP-46 and itsopportunities in terms of intensity and fatigue. Like most analogues, the weapon under consideration is focused on firing with intense bursts. At the same time, a considerable warming up of the trunk is planned, the volley is carried out from the rear sheptal with its doslet into the chamber, with abutment in the stump of the trunk.

After the shutter part of the frame with the drummermoves forward by 8 millimeters, the pier reaches the cartridge capsule, smashes it, and then a shot is fired. When the bullet passes through the gas outlet, the powder gases enter the working chamber, hit the piston, which covers it with its bell, provoking the frame to be folded back.

It turns out that the subframe stops freea combat niche that serves to send a charge back. In this process, the weakening of the fighting stops is made, which, with the help of the shutter frame, extract the fired sleeve, accompanied by picking and withdrawing the bolt.

machine gun pn 46 specifications

In this case, the ejector takes the shot sleeve,which strikes against the bump and is thrown out through the lower socket of the trunk box. The shutter frame strikes against the trigger part, after which the return-fighting spring is activated. In the case of leaving the trigger in the depressed state, the recluse is raised to the combat position, and the whisper returns to the rear position. The weapon remains ready for further operation in combat mode.

Mechanism of submission of ammunition

RP-46 machine gun, the characteristics of which we considerfurther, is brought into the combat movement by means of the handle of the bolt frame. The reaction is transmitted to the receiver via a rocker arm that aggregates with a special sliding bracket.

The charging tape is a chain of closedThe units that feed the feed in the operating mode with the help of a special tray. The latch latch serves as an additional sight with ears. The tape is metal with links, it is equipped with a closed link, the feed direction is on the right, a special tray serves to correct the tape.

Operating parameters

RP-46 machine gun, technical specificationswhich are shown below, is equipped with a sector sight with a high shoe and a bar. The incision is made with dimensions up to 150 mm every 100 millimeters. The wooden butt is made in the standard pistol style. This part, like the flag guard, is borrowed from a tank analog of the DT type. The design is a metal slope on the trigger frame with wood cheeks. Soles folding non-removable type are fixed in the upper part of the yoke. As a result, the attachment point was higher than the axis of the barrel channel. Also, the weapon received a foldable shoulder support and a carrying handle.

machine gun pn 46 characteristics photo

RP-46 machine gun: characteristics

  • The type of cartridge is 7.62 * 53 mm.
  • Weight - 13 kg with the equipped tape.
  • Overall length - 1, 27 m.
  • The trunk is a threaded element with four right-hand turns.
  • The starting charge speed is 825 meters per second.
  • Estimated aim is 1500 meters.
  • The range of the shot along a straight trajectory is 500 m.
  • The rate of fire is 600 salvoes per minute.
  • Stock clips in the tape - up to 250 rounds.
  • The weight of the tape is 9.6 kg.
  • Combat calculation - 2 people.

machine gun pn 46 specifications

Incomplete disassembly

This operation is performed as follows:

  • The fuse is switched on.
  • The latch of the receiver cover is pulled back, after which the lid is opened.
  • The charging tape is removed.
  • The fuse is switched off.
  • The handle of the bolt frame is retracted, then the chamber and the guide socket are inspected.
  • Press the trigger, return the handle of the bolt frame to the frontal position.
  • The receiver cover is closed and the fuse is switched on.
  • The tape is removed if it is installed. Switch off the fuse. Pull back the recluse handle and inspect the chamber with the guide groove.
  • Press the trigger and return the handle of the bolt frame to the front position.

The result

RP-46 machine gun (characteristics, photos are presentedabove) has a rate of fire comparable to the analogues of the easel type. The structural features of the combination of stamped elements and standard receivers have made it possible to obtain an effective weapon that has good fighting qualities and can be transported manually. The main problem with the operation of the machine gun in question is the difficulty of using a separate box with a tape, although its weight is 10 kilograms less than that of Degtyarev with the same number of volleys.

machine gun pn 46 description

The RP-46 machine gun remained in service for15 years not only in the arsenal of the USSR, but also supplied to the countries of Africa and Asia. Until now, it is used by the armies of these countries, despite the fact that it was replaced by a single copy.

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