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How to make cucumbers in a greenhouse

To grow beautiful cucumbers in a greenhouse, we needcertain knowledge and skills. After all, a cucumber vegetable is a capricious and delicate, for which it is important to create all necessary conditions for favorable growth and fruiting. And of no small importance in this is played not only the timely application of fertilizers, fertilizing, regular and regular watering, but also the correct formation of the plant from the beginning.

For gardeners it's no secret that the cucumber culture is "mustached", and, therefore, it needs to be taken into account, and moreover, it is simply necessary to use it for their own purposes.

Although the practice of cutting off the mustache of cucumbers grown in greenhouses is most common, this is due to the fact that they cling to neighboring plants and interfere with each other and grow and bear fruit.

How to make cucumbers in a greenhouse

Why form a bush of cucumber? This is a necessary operation not for all varieties. The formation of a shrub is determined by the morphological and biological characteristics of the variety. First of all you need to find out the number of male and female flowers.

In the bulk of the need to form late-ripeningvarieties, because they are formed more male flowers. How to distinguish male flowers from women? Very simply, they differ with the naked eye: the female flowers have an ovary inside the flower, which after pollination goes into growth.

To start the formation of a bush is necessarystart before the flowering begins. So, when there are at least 6-7 leaves on the sprout, the top of the main shoot should be pinched approximately half a centimeter. And with proper care cucumbers in your greenhouse will open new side shoots, which will have much more ovaries than on the main stem.

How to tie a cucumber in a greenhouse

One way to garter is to forma bush of three to four plant stems. The whiskers are used to garter the side branches. This is done as follows, the main stem is attached to the trellis by a thread, and when the first ovary is formed on the side stalk, it needs to be pulled up to the main one at an angle of 60 degrees. Then a mustache from the main stem is wound on a pulled up shoot. With the growth of plants, this procedure is repeated, and of course with time the whiskers become many and already from the removal of the mustache can not be refrained.

This kind of bush formation is possible with frequent planting - no more than half a meter. And the mustache, even when dry, holds the bush perfectly.

However, the most common methodcultivation of cucumbers in the greenhouse is the removal of whiskers and side shoots at a distance of half a meter from the ground. First, the main stem is tied up, and then everything that is superfluous is removed. This site is called the "blinding" zone. The prickle is made above the indicated zone, at a distance of 1 meter from the ground, the first side shoot is pinched and only one ovary is preserved. After half a meter, another pinch is made over the second sheet and 2 ovaries are left. And so cucumbers are formed in the greenhouse to the top with addition. One leaf must have one ovary.

Pinschip is performed only with young shoots,if time is lost, and the length of the plant is more than 20 cm, then it is too late and this, of course, will not affect the crop for the better. So do not miss the moment. And be careful.

When the main stem of the cucumber reaches the wire to which it is tied, it is also pricked, leaving 3 -4 leaves over the wire itself and wrapping around it, tying the stem in two places.

After the appearance of the upper leaves of the lateral shoots from the sinuses, they are lowered to the bottom and a pinch is made at a level of 1.5 m above the ground.

If you do everything right and pay attention to the formation of the bush in a timely manner, then you will get every chance for a magnificent harvest from May to October. All the best.

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