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The best to fertilize cucumbers

Fresh and salted cucumbers love everything. However, to grow them in your garden, you need to work hard. Pumpkin cultures, which include cucumbers, are quite fastidious both to the composition of the soil and to the quality of care in general. The fact is that the root system of this plant is located very close to the surface, and therefore nutrients from deep layers of soil can not be obtained. In addition, this culture is characterized by a very poor assimilation of nutrients.

than to fertilize cucumbers
In connection with all this, many dachathe question is what to fertilize cucumbers. The composition of the feeding depends primarily on the age of the plants. At the beginning of the growth of cucumbers, it is required, basically, nitrogen. And therefore it is very useful to plant a small amount of manure before planting this culture. During flowering, it is best to feed plants with phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.

Particularly important is the question of "how to fertilize cucumbers"can be in the period of fruiting. At this time plants need a lot of nutrients. And the most preferred in this case are also nitrogen fertilizers. It is necessary to feed the plants, for example, fermented with liquid infusion of manure. This can be the best means. For its preparation, a plastic or wooden barrel is filled with unmuttered manure for a third, filled with water and left to wander for a week. Ready liqueur is also diluted with water in a proportion of 1 to 10, and watered with this plant solution.

the better to fertilize cucumbers
A summer resident may have a question than to fertilizeCucumbers in the event that the use of manure is not possible. Very useful for plants can be a fertilizer such as agricola for pumpkin. It contains all the set of microelements necessary for this culture. You can also use ordinary urea at a rate of 1 tbsp. l. on a bucket of water for 1 m2. When using this fertilizer, you should try to keep the infusion on the leaves. After topping with urea, cucumbers should be watered by sprinkling.

What to fertilize cucumbers yet? This culture does not tolerate acidic soil at all. A good crop when grown on such a soil can not be obtained. Therefore, it is very useful to make for ordinary cucumbers ashes, obtained by burning grass or firewood.

how to properly fertilize cucumbers
This substance has the ability to reduce the acidity of the soil. In addition, the ash contains a huge number of different microelements that will be useful for plants.

Of course, you need to have an idea not only aboutWhat, but how to properly fertilize cucumbers. One simple rule should be remembered: 2/3 of all feeding is done in the autumn under a digging. The crop yields the richest crop in the second year after a plentiful introduction of manure into the soil. The remaining third is made during the period of plant growth. Following these recommendations, you can get just a great harvest.

So, you now know the betterto fertilize cucumbers. The best means are manure and ash. Most of them are brought in the autumn, digging up beds, the smaller part - during the vegetative period of plants. In their absence, appropriate phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen fertilizers are used.

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