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What to fertilize the best tomatoes

Tomatoes like plants are quite demandingthe quality of the soil should be fed from time to time. In this case, first, it is necessary to select suitable fertilizers. Secondly, to observe the timing of their introduction. Than to fertilize tomatoes and when it is better to do, we also will consider further in the article.

than to fertilize tomatoes
First of all, you need to remember one simple rule. Tomatoes should not be fed in the first time after disembarkation. The fertilizers introduced before the beginning of budding can provoke too intensive growth of the tops. All that needs to be done in the spring is, when digging beds, to introduce 16 kg of humus per 1 m2 into the soil. Do not use manure or mineral fertilizers.

The first fertilizing is carried out only afterthe first flower brush will appear on the plants. This is about the second or third week after disembarkation. What to fertilize tomatoes best during this period? Many summer residents use chicken manure for this purpose. It must be diluted 1 to 15 and add one and a half tablespoons of superphosphate. After applying the soil, it is best to sprinkle ash. A perfect result can be achieved with top-dressing with a weeded grass.

What to fertilize tomatoes in later periods? The second fertilizing is done during the appearance on the plants of the second flower brush, that is, about a week after the first.

than to fertilize tomatoes in the greenhouse
This time it's best to use the infusionmullein 1 to 10. In the solution before watering the beds you can add a full mineral fertilizer. As soon as the third flower brush begins to blossom on tomatoes, they will need to be fed also by the mullein.

Some summer residents fertilize tomatoes byfoliar top dressing. This is the way in which the nutrient solution is not too concentrated and does not pour under the roots, but is used to spray the leaves. So, how can tomatoes be fertilized using this method? Most often, urea is used. At usual top dressings it take 1 tbsp. l. on a bucket, while foliar ones will be enough 1 tsp.

Many farmers are faced with the question of whatto fertilize the tomatoes in the greenhouse. With this method of growing tomatoes, you can use the same means as in open beds. Since different microorganisms develop more rapidly in the greenhouse, it is sometimes necessary to feed tomatoes with potassium permanganate.

than you can fertilize tomatoes
To do this, it is bred in a bucket of water in such a way,so that the liquid turned out to be medium pink. Similarly, you can not only feed tomatoes, but also to prevent various diseases.

In order to fertilize tomatoes, sometimes usealso the infusion of the egg shell. For this, it is crushed and poured with water. The mixture will be ready after a few days. Once it is infused, you can use it to water under the roots. An excellent way to feed tomatoes is also the introduction of fertilizers "Agricola" or "Effeton" into the soil in the proportions specified in the instructions.

So, now you know what you can fertilizetomatoes and when it is best done. These plants like to "eat lunch" in the second half of the season. Not missing the time of flowering and using the right means, you can get an unusually high yield of tomatoes.

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