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Breeding chicken: healthy food and income

Those who have a summer residence or an infield,they can always breed on it some living creature. If, of course, there is time and desire. For example, chicken breeding is practiced in any rural area. Representatives of this species of birds can be seen in almost all the backyards in the village. Many urban residents immediately have an association with an unpleasant odor and a courtyard dotted with chicken droppings. Well, there is some truth in this. But the breeding of laying hens brings to the peasants both healthy food and income from the sale of eggs. And that the yard was clean and tidy, you just need to make an enclosure and make timely cleaning. Then there will be no smell, no dirt.

Breeding of chickens

Although the chickens are unpretentious birds, sometechnology in their cultivation is still there. First of all, you need to decide which product you want to receive - eggs, meat, or both. If there is a possibility and desire, then you will approach breeding of chickens as a business for yourself and your family. Determined with the breed, you need to prepare a house. It must be a room commensurate with the number of heads. At 1 square meter is placed 4-5 individuals. Therefore, if you plan to have 20 hens, then enough will be enough room 5 square meters. m. A little more will need aviary, birds need to walk somewhere. Coop should be well insulated, at a temperature below 17 ° C they start to fall worse. It is necessary to install a feeding bowl and a water tank in the birdhouse or in the enclosure. You will also need to install cages or nests in order for the chickens to sweep there. The room should be not only warm, but also ventilated.

breeding of hens

In order to breed chicken for yourself or forsale was successful, you need to buy food, and also know about all possible diseases. The main diet of layers is mixed feed. Before buying them, you need to familiarize yourself with the composition. In some mixed fodders add various vitamins, as well as chalk, calcium. If there are no such additives, you need to buy them separately and add them yourself. In the feeding trough you need to pour the food a little, so that after the meal the trough remains empty. On average, 180-200 grams of food are consumed per chicken per day. The water in the drinking bowl should always be clean, even if it needs to be changed several times a day.

The stage of purchase of a livestock has come. Breeding chicken to produce eggs as the main product involves the purchase of appropriate breeds. The most common breed is Leygorn. They are unpretentious, adapt well to various conditions of detention. Under normal conditions of care per year, they can bring in about 300 eggs, begin to be carried on the 52nd week of life.

Breeding chickens as a business
No less interesting is the breed figured outFrench breeders. They adapt well to different climatic conditions and methods of maintenance. Beginning to begin with the 21st week of life, adults give up to 320 eggs per year. In the process of buying, the question arises: "Who better to buy - chickens or 5-month-old chickens?" The positive thing about buying babies is that you will clearly know what you fed them and in what conditions they were kept. But at the same time you do not determine what kind of breed you acquired until they grow up, and what kind of sex you got the stock. More adult hens, at first glance, buy more profitable, they start to swing faster, the breed and the floor are visible. But how they were grown, for you will remain unknown.

Breeding chicken only at first glance seemscomplicated. Although there are still a couple of negative moments. Firstly, where there is food for laying hens, rats and mice can start. Secondly, cleaning in the henhouse does not give pleasure. And thirdly, you need to think about where to store or take out the chicken droppings.

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