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How to connect the Internet to the "Motive": a step-by-step instruction on the settings

how to connect the Internet

Cellular communication with the sonorous name "Motive"appeared on the market operators for a long time. Starting under the brand of another company, soon "Motive" began to work independently. The number of subscribers of this cellular communication is increasing every day. The number of tariffs that network users are happy to accept is also growing.

Meanwhile, despite the active informationsubscribers, some users, especially those who recently joined this operator, have a lot of questions about connecting services. Especially popular is the user question about how to connect the Internet to "Motive". Of course, you can dial their corporate phone number (111) or contact the Salon of Communications. But sometimes it's much faster to do independent research and find information, where step-by-step is told how to do this or that action.

The most useful instructions for setting up your phone

In general, the algorithm of the action of how, on the "Motive"connect the Internet is simple, and almost any subscriber will be able to independently understand the settings, making it a joyful owner of the Internet in his smartphone.

Different operating systems have different settings

It should be noted that smartphones with Android and phonesApple is slightly different. Consider the configuration process on "Android." This set of actions is almost the same for all cellular operators, only the information that needs to be entered in the settings fields changes.

connect the Internet to the tune on the phone

Manual setting

So, as on "Motive" to connect the Internet itself,manually? We find the "Settings" field in the smartphone menu. Then we search for "Wireless communication" and go to the tab "Mobile networks". Moving on, finding an APN partition or "Access points". We are looking for the "Parameters" tab (you should search for it either at the top or at the very bottom of the display). In this tab, we look for the menu bar "Create APN". The Russian analogue of writing is "New access point".

After that it is necessary to fill in the following fields:

  • APN - inet.ycc.ru.
  • The name is MOTIV.
  • User name is motiv.
  • The password repeats the user name, here too it is written motiv.

Other fields, if you are not a pro in the settings,It is better not to touch, since after the introduction of the basic data, the remaining fields will be set automatically. After that, you need to save the profile in the functions tab - "Save". Make sure that the new access point is now available in the list of available, and restart the mobile gadget. After that you can enjoy all the benefits of connecting to the network: communication, applications and much more.

Automatic configuration

If you do not want to rack your brains, filling a lotfields, but it's still interesting how to connect the Internet to the "Motive", then select the option "Connection setup automatically" - it's even easier than the manual method. This service is called "Auto tuning". By pressing a few keys on the phone you will receive the settings of MMS, GPRS, WAP, which will allow you to use absolutely all the advantages of the mobile Internet.

Unlimited Internet tune how to connect

To connect the Internet to the "Motive" on your phone inautomatic mode, click on the screen the following sequence of keys: # 919 and "Call". The instructions of the phone autoinformer will prompt further actions, and by pressing a couple more keys to select, you will receive an SMS containing the data you need, you need to save it and also restart the phone.

Unlimited Internet

Users of cellular companies are less willinguse tariffs with limited traffic, because modern conditions dictate other rules of Internet use - I want to watch infinitely many pictures, videos, download applications, without looking at the number of downloaded data. Therefore, as never before, the unlimited internet has become topical. "The motive" how to connect and use this tariff, of course, describes by phone 111. But in short, it's just a change of tariff from your current to a new one without any restrictions on downloading data. There are several options for this company: at the moment it is "Full stuffing" and "Polkilo".

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