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Productive capacity

The main criteria characterizing the actual andreserve capacities of the business entity, serve as a foundation for the development of a program for its development. The production capacity is the value, the equivalent of which is the company's greatest capacity to produce the finished product. It is expressed in monetary units of measure or in value, and is considered for a certain period of time.

Quantitative indicator of production capacityas accurately as possible characterizes the scientific and technical level of the technological process, the assortment list, as well as the quality of the manufactured goods. Indicates this indicator on the forms of organization of work, the availability of energy resources, as well as raw materials and labor. The production capacity of the enterprise is closely linked with the cooperation and specialization of the business entity, as well as with the functional features of its sales service, the work of warehouse units and the transport sector. Thus, the magnitude of this indicator is influenced by a number of factors that change over time. In this connection, the capacity of the production process is periodically recalculated.

In management practice, variousTypes that characterize this indicator of the work of the business entity. The production capacity is calculated by design and starting, mastered and physical, planned and balance, input and output. For the time period, this indicator is divided into input and output.

If the operating conditions of machines and mechanisms, andalso circulating resources are designated in the form of a certain value, it is possible to calculate the maximum quantity of the product in general form. The main criterion that affects the capacity of production, as well as determines the name of this indicator, is equipment, which is the means that changes the material element of the technological process.

The most convenient and reliable enoughthe measurement of the largest output of the finished product is a natural value. The production capacity is used in the analysis of the activity of the enterprise in the units in which it was reflected in the planning (pieces, meters, tonnes, etc.).

If the manufactured product has a wideassortment spectrum, then the indicator of maximum output can be expressed in terms of conditional-natural values. If the types of finished products are different, then the production capacities of the enterprise are calculated for each item separately. The more technological equipment is used during a certain time, the more volumes of manufactured products. At the same time, the cost of goods decreases, the amount of income increases, and the enterprise gets the opportunity to quickly improve the production cycle through reconstruction, modernization, and the introduction of the latest achievements of scientific and technological progress.

Calculation of production capacity is performed withtaking into account information characterizing the state of the equipment involved in the technological cycle. Out-of-pocket assets that are in reserve are excluded from it. The production capacity of the enterprise is calculated by the time fund for operating the equipment, which is the maximum possible for the given business entity. The definition of the indicator of the largest output of products implies the application of advanced standardization and perfect forms of organization of the technological process.

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