/ What pressure should be in the tires?

What pressure should be in the tires?

Do I need to know exactly what pressure should bein the tires? In fact, it is very important to maintain certain pressure in them. This will help keep the new rubber for a long time, and also the machine will work more steadily. Comfort management, fuel economy, and road safety will increase. Significantly reduces the risk of deformation on the sidewalls of the tire itself, as well as changes in the tread pattern, if the tires are pumped in accordance with their technological requirements. They will maintain their original condition after the entire season of use. That is why let us consider in more detail the question: "What should be the pressure in the tires?".

If one does not pay attention to pressure, then different

what pressure should be in the tires

  1. For example, due to the uneven distribution of tire pressure on the surface of the road surface, the coupling properties deteriorate.
  2. In addition, the tires will wear out early, they will have to be changed to new ones.
  3. If the pressure is below normal, the risk of tire deformation increases.
  4. Even fuel consumption increases, which is the result of various physical impacts that arise from the wider crushing of the tire on the road surface.

It is necessary to regularly check the pressure, because itlittle by little. What pressure should be in the tires in winter? As a rule, in the cold season, it drops by about 1-2 pounds, and in warm weather - a little more. If

what should be the tire pressure
On the way the pit met, then the pressure canDecrease faster than usual. We also need to closely monitor the tires, as well as the presence of gasoline. By the way, at gas stations there are usually always installations for pumping tires. With seasonal flashing, this service should also be included in the set of works. Or do it yourself, if such work is not provided where you "change" the wheels.

The requirement for tire pressure varies depending on the type and model of the car.

Do not forget about the spare wheel you needmust be kept in working order in case of an unexpected need. For it to be functional, the pressure must always be adjusted.

What pressure should be in the tires of your car?

The vehicle manufacturer shallindicate in the instructions what pressure is necessary for the brand. In fact, its value depends on the technical characteristics of the model, which the manufacturing plant is engaged in. In every car there is a special information plate that is on the car door pillar or in the glove box. It contains information on technical loads on the machine, as well as the recommended pressure. What pressure should be in the tires, you can also find out from car dealers.

what pressure should be in the tires in winter

How to measure tire pressure?

In auto shops you can purchase a specialAutomobile compressor, which will show you and the pressure in the tire. Under no circumstances should pressure be imposed on the eye, believing that it is possible by some external signs to somehow define it. Also there are special devices that make it easy to take readings from the tires. When checking the pressure, remember that it should be done with a cold tire. If you take measurements immediately after a long ride, the readings will be different than when the tire is cold. After all, when heated, the pressure increases.

Now you know exactly what pressure should be in the tires, so do not forget to keep an eye on him. Safety is most important. Easy way!

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