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How to learn how to drive a car from scratch in the shortest possible time?

If you only learn driving skillsdriving and experiencing fear in the first lessons, do not be upset. This happens absolutely with everyone who sits behind the wheel of a car for the first time. And if you are confident in your abilities and will feel your car, its movement and speed, then soon you will overcome this fear and will be a real driver. But how do you learn how to drive yourself from scratch? Before you start to study the subtleties of gear changes, you need to learn the theory. Today, we will look at several aspects that should be focused on those who are just about to learn driving skills.

how to learn to drive from scratch

Knowledge of traffic rules - first of all

The first step on the road to success is, of course,knowledge of theory. Before you start to study the question of how to learn to drive from scratch, remember all the rules of the road. If you do not distinguish signs or you do not know the finer points of the exit from traffic situations (for example, a hindrance on the right), then, of course, so you will not become a real driver. Even if you own certain skills, but without knowing the traffic rules anywhere. Learning a theory is actually not as difficult as it seems at first glance. At some stage it's even fascinating, so before the first trip, be sure to learn the traffic rules.

How to learn to drive from scratch? We leave on the racetrack

Once you have mastered the theory, you can safelymove on to practice. Why autodrome? Because a simple knowledge of traffic rules will not allow you to normally feel in a dynamic flow of cars. First you need to get used to at least the dimensions of the car, and the circuit for this purpose is just intended. Here you can learn everything that will be demanded from you in the driving school: starting from the place, from the hill with the hand held, parking, "snake" and so on.

how easy it is to learn to drive a car
And each of these maneuvers requires knowledgedimensions of the car, especially when parking. Autodrome is also advantageous in that it does not have such obstacles as "Lexus", "Mercedes", and most importantly, that it does not have pedestrians. At this stage, the main thing that you need to master is the dimensions of the car. Feeling the car itself, you will trust your actions and not be afraid to pass near the posts when parking at a distance of less than 10 centimeters. As a rule, you can get used to the size of the machine in 3-5 sessions. All this will take you less than one week. But at this stage the question "how to learn to drive from scratch" is not yet closed. At the final stage it is necessary to learn how to confidently stay in a dense stream of machines.

How to learn to drive from scratch? Learning to drive around the city

If in the classroom you do not haveIt was required to apply the knowledge of traffic rules, then on city streets you will have to remember everything that you learned earlier. Both theory and practice are useful. In fact, if you overcome the fear of a car, then driving around the city will not seem as frightening either. The main thing is to monitor the road and other traffic participants, especially pedestrians. After 2-3 days of such a ride, you can advance on a fairly busy road.

how to learn how to drive yourself

At this stage, the question of how easy it is to learn to drive a car can be considered closed.

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