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Carburetor K-151: the device, adjustment, malfunctions

The carburetor of the K-151 series on the "Gazelle" is produced fromwide cover. The valve at the modification is capable of withstanding a lot of pressure. Among the features it is important to mention the quality pump that is installed in the device. Also the model is actively extolled for a wide camera. Particular interest in people is caused by the adjustment of the carburetor K-151. Videos on this subject should be looked at before analyzing the device. During the adjustment it is important to follow the instructions clearly. In order to understand this question in detail, we recommend first of all to study the K-151 carburetor device.

Common carburettor arrangement

Consider the carburetor "Gazelle" K-151, whichincludes a diffuser and a system of valves located in a wide chamber. At the bottom of the model there is a pump. Also, the K-151 carburetor device has a supercharger with a tube. The holder is fixed to the thread. On the side of the model there is a sprayer, which is connected to a branch pipe.

The limiter is used with a jet. At the bottom of the carburetor is a fuel system. Also diagram carburetor K-151 includes a nozzle which is applied with a small needle. The float mechanism is located under the camera. A special attention in the device deserves an adapter. In this case it is used with a throttle. Connection of carburetor K-151 occurs through the supercharger.

carburetor to 151

The float mechanism

The float mechanism at the carburettor is made withtwo lining. Racks are only on one side. To clean this mechanism, you only need to remove the top cover of the modification. Also it should be noted that the tube is moving away from the central camera. In the lower part of the mechanism, a block is placed on the carburetor K-151. Malfunctions in it seldom arise, because two overlays are used. At idle they can get pretty washed out. If necessary, the trim can be cut out of a small piece of rubber.

Valve system

The valve system at the carburetor is responsible for the injectionfuel. There is a lot of pressure on the racks. The primary modification chamber is made with two supports. In the central part of the device there is a small lid. To adjust it, you have to use the key. In the lateral part of the system, a valve is supplied with a tube to the carburetor K-151. Malfunctions of the mechanism can always be eliminated if necessary. The inserts of the model in this case are made of rubber. The jet is from the valves to the sergeant. To replace the valve yourself, you need special equipment. Experts say that the tube should be periodically cleaned. To do this, a long ramrod is suitable. It is more expedient to feed water under high pressure.

carburettor circuit to 151

Adjusting the holder

Due to the rotation of the holder,adjustment of the carburetor K-151. Video on the Internet on this occasion does not always fully disclose the topic. With this modification, the holder is located on the side of the nozzle. To scroll it, you need a short L-shaped key. Rotate it clockwise. During this process, a person should monitor the position of the valve. If it deflects backwards, then the holder needs to be turned more clockwise. In some cases, the throttle can fall off during adjustment. In this case, the screw must always be kept in the clamping position. To reach the flap, it must be pinched by a sharp object from the side of the primary chamber.

carburettor connection to 151

Secondary modification chamber

The secondary chamber in this modification includesa powerful pump and a set of discs. The flow valve is in this case at the bottom of the chamber. It should also be noted that this model has a jet that interacts with the fuel system. If a fault is detected, it is recommended that the central spout is immediately operable. If the needle does not move, then the channel is blocked.

It's easiest to clean the camera with a nozzle. In addition, it is blown by a stream of air under pressure. It is important not to damage the valve system. Idling of the carburetor K-151 is adjusted by the holder. Some people have problems with the regulator, which is in the cell. In this modification it is connected with a roller.

To check the regulator, it is necessary to removecover and disconnect the upper pump. Only after this comes directly to the rack. First of all, the roller is disconnected. After this, it is necessary to inspect the base of the regulator. At the given carburettor it is executed with a small support. If it is deformed, then the model will have to be completely replaced. Another problem can be covered in a curved septum. This is due to the overload of the valves. The partition can be changed separately. In this case, it is not necessary to completely remove the regulator.

carburetor to 151 d

Pump Faults

The pump for this carburettor is used with a smallrack. At the top of the modification there is a handle that connects to the body. Also there is a screw that clamps the rack. The main breakdown of the model is associated with the handle. Repair of the carburetor K-151 in this situation should start with a survey of the pump base. After that, the tube from the rack is checked. There is a small piston inside the pump. To get to it, you need to remove the bottom cover. Only after this it will be possible to twist the screw and inspect the inside of the modification. The adapter does not need to be touched. When replacing the handle, special attention should be paid to the jet. In some cases, it quickly sinks. The rack is allowed to be changed without a cover. During this, the most important thing is not to damage the float.

Regulator repair

If we consider the regulator of the secondary chamber, thenit should be noted that it is installed in the carburetor K-151 D with two racks. The overlays are applied only at the top of the device. When replacing the regulator, the cover is first removed. The next step is to remove the partition. In the future, it will have to be well lubricated. Damper in this case do not need to touch.

The partition at this carburettor is fixedonly at one time. The retainer sits quite firmly, so it must be pinched. Particular attention should be paid to the rack. The holder is more expedient not to let go at the same time. If the clamping screw drops out, it must be replaced immediately. Sometimes the controller falls directly. This is due to the displacement of the support. In this situation, experts recommend checking the side-frame and the integrity of the camera.

carburetor adjustment to 151 videos

How do I replace the fitting in the device?

The plug that has a carburetor K-151, playsrole of the holder. It is necessary for the normal operation of the valves. If the union is knocked down, the valves wear out quickly. Another process is accompanied by overheating of the primary chamber. Grease is also broken. To correct this situation, you need to be able to properly inspect the choke. It does not take much time. First of all, a block is placed to fix the mechanism. You can also use the usual vice. After this, it is necessary to find the clamping screws on the top cover. They are on the sides and hidden by overlays. After removing the cover, the central valve slides to the side. The pump is completely removed.

Then you will have to carefully inspect the valve. If they are visible on the darkening, then the lubrication of the carburetor is broken. The pump can also suffer from this. Next comes directly the choke. At its base there is a small head. When it deforms, the model can not withstand the pressure that is created inside the chamber. The head of this modification is removable. However, getting it separately is quite problematic. In this case it is necessary to completely change the union.

Replacement of gaskets

Gaskets at the carburetor are responsible for sealingcameras. If you look at the bottom gaskets, you can see that they have a narrow base. They are clamped with screws on the body. To change the overlays on the secondary chamber, first of all you need to fix the carburetor K-151. After that, the jet is unscrewed. Do not touch the dampers. Many make the mistake of immediately taking up all the screws. To unscrew them one by one. Thus, the pad will never bend. If we consider the upper chamber, then everything is slightly different. First of all, the carburetor is fixed for repairs. The next step is the clamping of the valve. In this case, the holder must be stationary. Screws must be twisted one at a time. In addition, a person should monitor the position of the rack. Sometimes the patch starts to crawl immediately.

All this leads to the fact that she canto be damaged. To avoid this, you will have to use the help of a friend. One person should follow only the holder and at the same time engage in screws. The companion is obliged to control the overlay. If it starts to sag heavily, then it will have to be changed unequivocally. It is also worth noting that the gasket is in the primary chamber of the carburetor. It is located immediately behind the lid. A cap is fixed on the four screws. Before turning everything back, special attention should be paid to the lubrication of the main components. In this case, the edges of the chambers should be well cleaned.

carburetor device to 151

Locking mechanism

The locking mechanism, which has a carburetorK-151, is responsible for supplying fuel. It includes a jet, as well as a pump of low power, from which the tube leaves. The primary modification chamber is at the bottom. The main problem of the device lies in the improper operation of the expander. It is installed on a special adapter.

You just need to check the adapter for availabilityclogging. To do this, disconnect the pump and inspect the base of the camera. The expander on the carburetor is fixed with two clamps, which are on both sides. The air jet in this case should not touch the holder. When replacing the expander, it is recommended that the head be thoroughly cleaned. In this case, the top cover can not be strongly rubbed.

carburetor to 151 malfunctions

Throttle valve repair

Throttle, which has a carburetorK-151, can only move in one direction. It breaks down due to the large congestion of the rack. This is due to a violation of the injection system. To remedy this situation, it is first recommended to inspect the adapter, which is under the pump. The simplest thing is to change the gasket. If there are scratches on the base, then there is friction with the valve.

All this, in the long run, gives a big loadon the fuel system and the damper. To change the valve, it is enough to disconnect the top cover. Do not touch the adjusting screw. In the future, it will be difficult to configure. Particular attention when replacing the valve should be given to the front rack. The screw on it must not be clamped to the stop. If you deal directly with the flap, you have to remove the jet. In this case, the tube should not be disconnected. The damper is manually withdrawn, and the lock is moved to the side.

How to replace the drainage pipe?

The drain pipe for this carburetor isunder the secondary chamber. It has a small length, but sometimes it strongly twists. In this case, all mechanical damage to the case and excessive shaking. To screw the tube from the side of the nozzle, you need to have a key of a small size. The outlet openings of the nozzle must be cleaned immediately from dust. You can use a rag for this. After that, the branch pipe is detached from the side of the chamber.

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