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The newest device of the diesel engine

Modern and advanced devicediesel engine allows you to significantly save the money spent on fuel, and also has a number of advantages that allow the car to operate at a new level. In the past decade, many automakers have begun to actively develop their models based on diesel engines, which are characterized by high torque, economy and durability. Therefore, originally diesel engines belonged to SUVs - crossovers and minivans.

diesel engine arrangement

Gradually, the popularity of new engines grew. Today they became the property of a large number of new models of cars. The device of the diesel engine is being improved and, in fact, has reached the level of the gasoline engine. In a word, the engines of the new type, even though they operate on diesel fuel, operate almost silently, have a very high power rating, while remaining economical and reliable. The diesel engine, built into the car even with the highest fuel consumption, allows you to save a lot, without losing anything in the technical parameters of the car.

External device of the diesel enginediffers impressive size. These products weigh a lot. This is due to the fact that the compression ratio in this "engine" is much higher than in the gasoline. For the same reason, the valves that enter the system have a reinforced structure. Proceeding from this, it is important to take into account that when doing tuning of a diesel engine, it is always worth taking into account the weight and dimensions of the machine itself. It is quite natural that in a model of the "compact" class such a unit does not take root. This also applies to sports cars, which usually have a low landing.

tuning of diesel engine

The device of the diesel engine also regulates the features of its operation. The functioning scheme looks approximately as follows.

In the cylinders, which are located inside the motor,purified air comes in. There it under the big pressure which create valves, as much as possible heats up, reaching temperature of 800 degrees. In this hot space comes the diesel fuel itself, which instantly ignites and activates the machine. Perhaps, these processes cause more noise than the work of the usual gasoline engine. However, in the course of the engine on a diesel engine, much less harmful substances are emitted into the atmosphere than from a gasoline analogue. It is also important that this fuel is cheap and affordable.

It is worth noting that earlier diesel enginesit was extremely difficult to activate when frosty weather was on the street (such fuel is very sensitive to external factors). A sophisticated device of a new-generation diesel engine allows to solve a similar problem. Only in very rare cases does the motor start to fail in winter.

diesel engine
That the diesel engine worked faultlessly,it is necessary to carry out additional work on its warming and tuning. This will ensure that no incidents and troubles on the road will happen. Also, such an operation will make the engine more powerful and maneuverable, which is important, given today's traffic.

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