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Lady at the wheel, or How not to be afraid to drive a car

Today, more and more women can be seen at the wheel. And no matter how much men are indignant, believing that the right to drive a car belongs only to them, the fairer does not miss the opportunity to get a coveted driver's license and sit behind the wheel. Perhaps the most important thing for a woman is to overcome fear of the road and not be afraid to drive. Many, unfortunately, this is not easy. If you successfully passed the exam at the traffic police, you got the right, but still do not dare to go on your first trip, the following recommendations on how not to be afraid of driving a car will be helpful to you. Using them, you can gain confidence at the wheel and not be afraid to sit in your long-awaited car.

learn to drive a car

Learning to drive a car, or Learning in a driving school

Without a driving school in this case can not do. It is there that you will be taught to drive a car, show and tell about everything you need. Thanks to the driving school you will get the necessary skills for driving and become the owner of a driving license. The most important thing is to choose the right institution, where you will be taught everything you need, and not just shake out your wallet. Perhaps this will sound a little strange, but it is in the driving school that you, among other things, will also be taught how not to be afraid to drive. Many women who want to learn driving, approach the car with caution and insecurity. We are afraid that we will not be able to cope with all these pedals and levers, we will not be able to turn the steering wheel in time and correctly while looking at the sides. But do not be afraid of all this. It's not as difficult as it seems at the beginning. Just listen carefully to the instructor and follow all his recommendations. And learn the rules of the road, of course. Maybe by the end of the driving school you really want to learn extreme driving!

how not to be afraid to drive a car
So, you got the right. Congratulations! You became a happy owner of a driving license. Your machine already waits for its mistress. Everything is just fine, you are already figuring out how much time you will save, forgetting about the ill-fated public transport. And here comes what happens to all novice drivers. Approaching the car, you realize that you are afraid to go somewhere on it. What to do? How not to be afraid to drive?

Fear is a completely normal phenomenon, and this feeling will pass only with experience. In order not to be afraid to go, you need ... to drive! As they say, a wedge kicking out. In any other way.

Below are a few tips to help you solve the problem with how not to be afraid to drive:

1. Initially, it's best to travel outside the city, there is not such a large number of cars, you will feel more confident.

2. You need to drive often. Everyday. Then you will get used to the car, to its equipment, you will feel like a driver, finally.

3. Every day complicate your driving. Increase the distance you need to travel, choose the places where there are more cars, learn new routes and routes.

4. The first time is best to travel on the route that you know well, in which you are sure one hundred percent. Do not try to drive on unfamiliar roads or cities. In such a situation, you again begin to worry and get nervous even if you have a GPS-navigator.

extreme driving

5. During the first trips, disconnect the mobile phone, hide the cosmetic bag and do not take anyone with you to the car. Nothing should be distracting you while driving from the road and the car.

6. Time. This is the main assistant in the fight against fears of driving. You must fill your hand. After each trip you will feel more confident at the wheel, and fear will gradually disappear.

7. Be careful while driving. You should always be ready for the unexpected. You can stop a traffic police officer, they may accidentally touch on the road, or your favorite swallow may just die out. Do not panic. Keep calm. Never forget your driving license at home and do not break the rules while driving.

You see, driving a car is not so difficult. Be confident while driving!

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