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Quadrocycle "Irbis 150" and its features

One of the most common means of transportationis an ATV. His popularity was due to his ability to travel to different types of terrain, while the comfort remains at a high level. Its positive qualities are marked by many fans of outdoor activities.

ATV Irbis 150

Among many users of motor vehicles enjoyspopular ATV "Irbis 150". Despite its low cost, in terms of its technical performance it surpasses other Japanese manufacturers. First of all it concerns technical characteristics, however, its design attracts with its sporting character. Consider in detail this brand of vehicle.

The positive properties of Irbis 150

This quad bike is equipped with a 1-cylinderThe engine, whose power is 7500 revolutions per minute. That at such a large power it did not fail, a forced cooling system was provided. The volume of the engine of the ATV "Irbis 150" is 149 m3.

This model can reach speeds up to 75km / h, which when traveling on rough terrain is a good indicator. In addition, an automatic transmission is installed on the ATV. Thanks to these indicators, it became possible to quickly get from one point of the city to another, while spending a small amount of fuel.

The volume of the fuel tank is 6 liters. Such a low fuel consumption makes it possible to carry out daily trips without additional fueling. The only difference between the ATV "Irbis 150" and other models is the large payload capacity of the first. He is able to carry cargoes, the weight of which does not exceed 150 kg.

Irbis 150

ATV Design

In addition to technical characteristics, it attracts andexterior design of the ATV. Despite its small size, it has high performance. Externally, the ATV resembles the Japanese models, but its cost is much lower. All these qualities attract lovers of extreme sports. The quad bike "Irbis 150" is suitable for both professionals and amateurs on rough terrain.

spare parts for ATV Irbis 150

Competent combination of price and quality

This model ATV has highertechnical characteristics than Japanese models of motorcycles. Each trip is comfortable, which is why it brings pleasure to the driver. Management is easy for both professionals and beginners, who have never sat behind the wheel of this vehicle.

In the quad bike Irbis 150 competently combined priceand quality. Everyone will be able to purchase a powerful vehicle at a low cost, unlike Japanese models. You can buy a ATV in the online store. To do this, you need to go to the site, select your favorite model and place an order. Soon you will be able to enjoy a comfortable trip.

In addition, separately sold rubber forATV. Irbis 150 is a four-wheeled vehicle that is used not only for outdoor activities, but also for transporting goods in rural areas. There are different kinds of rubber for the ATV. As a rule, these are diagonal tires with different patterns. The choice depends on the weather conditions and the type of terrain. The most popular brands are Maxxis and High Lifter. They are chosen by many fans of motor vehicles. The tires of these manufacturers have passed all the tests and are suitable for driving on any terrain.

rubber for ATV


The Quadbike Irbis 150 is a popular model,which is used for outdoor activities. This small vehicle is able to reach speeds of up to 75 km / h, while a small amount of fuel is consumed. This technique is not replaceable for cross-country traffic. The trip brings pleasure not only to beginners, but also to professional motorists. In a quadro competently combines the price and quality. You can buy this vehicle in the online store at a low price. There are also spare parts for the ATV "Irbis 150", rubber and other components. For example, you can buy a trunk for transport or disc brakes. Available for sale as standard tires, and tires brands Maxxis and High Lifter.

This ATV is a peculiar golden meanbetween the motorcycle and the car. From the first he got maneuverability, simple control and low fuel consumption, from the second - stability, which is provided by four wheels, and the possibility of transportation of large and heavy loads.

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