/ Fuel consumption for Daewoo Matiz. Causes of increased consumption of gasoline

Fuel consumption for Daewoo Matiz. Causes of increased consumption of gasoline

Given the low price, practicality and smallfuel consumption, Daewoo Matiz is a popular car on the roads of Russia and Ukraine. It is ideal for a city because of its compactness. Five people can freely fit into the car, and if necessary, it is possible to transport the overall cargo if the rear seats are previously folded. Yes, the trunk of the car is very small, however, the model is positioned as a city economy car.

deu matiz fuel consumption

Many buyers who just put an eye onon this car, want to know what fuel consumption is at Daewoo Matiz, because the engine of the car has a volume of only 0.8 liters. Note that the owners' feedback on the issue of gasoline consumption is very contradictory, so let's try to understand this issue on our own.

Fuel consumption per 100 km "Daewoo Matiz"

In theory, a machine with an engine of 0.8 liters should consume 6 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers in urban conditions. On the highway, the consumption can drop to 4.5-5 liters. Many owners in car forums complain that their car "eats" about 9-10 liters per hundred. This is really possible, and there is nothing strange about this. With a certain style of driving, the gasoline consumption can be reduced to a normal 6 liters. But first of all we need to calculate exactly what "Daewoo Matiz" fuel consumption per 100 km of the way.

deu matiz fuel consumption per 100

Flow check

To begin with, you need to spend almost all the fuel thatis in the tank. To do this, you need to drive by car until the "Gas station" light comes on. After we go to the nearest gas station and refuel to the maximum. The check must be kept, since it will indicate how many liters have been filled in the tank. Most likely, the check will indicate the purchase of 30 liters of gasoline, as the tank at Daewoo Matiz has a capacity of 35 liters. Bulb "Gas station" lights up at a time when the tank is about 5 liters of fuel. Immediately after this, we reset the mileage counter and skate about our business.

When the "Gas station" light comes on again,we need to record the mileage covered. So we find out how many kilometers 30 liters of fuel are enough. Further in the course of simple calculations, you can determine the fuel consumption of Daewoo Matiz for 100 km. We need a number on the counter multiplied by the number of liters of fuel and divided by 100. Let's say the meter is 400. Given that we have previously refueled 30 liters of gasoline, the formula will look like this:

400 x 30/100 = 7.5

This means that for 100 kilometers of runThe fuel consumption for the Daewoo Matiz with the 0.8-liter engine is 7.5 liters. It should be noted that this result is quite acceptable, but this car is capable of great savings. The reason for the increased expense in the first place is the style of driving.

deu matiz fuel consumption per 100 km

Changing driving style

If after calculating the flow it turned out that the machineconsumes more than 8 liters per hundred, then first of all it costs to change the style of driving. Someone says that the motor needs to be warmed up, and this will help to reduce the flow, but in fact it is not.

The main reason for the high expenditure -incorrect overclocking. It should be taken into account that with a motor of 0.8 liters the car simply can not accelerate quickly, so the speed it is gaining very slowly. It's not like the drivers, they press the pedal into the floor to get the car to pick up speed faster. The machine is slightly accelerated, but the fuel consumption increases much. And so every time the car stops at a traffic light or in front of a pedestrian crossing. The main thing is to gain speed gradually, as the engine speed rises. It is not necessary to press the pedal to the floor, and it is desirable to switch gears at a speed of rotation of the crankshaft of 2000-2500 rpm.

fuel consumption for dead mats 0 8

If you follow this advice, the fuel consumption"Daewoo Matiz" can be reduced by 30-35%. And still it is worth remembering that on this machine an economical ride is possible at a speed of 70-80 kilometers per hour. When driving at higher speeds, fuel consumption significantly increases.


Rarely the cause of increased consumption of gasoline is a malfunction in the fuel system or engine. Causes, because of which the machine can "eat" gasoline, a lot:

  1. Poor-quality fuel.
  2. Poor engine oil.
  3. Low air pressure in the tires.
  4. Defective speed sensor or crankshaft distribution sensor.
  5. Clogged injectors, etc.

The consumption of gasoline is also affected by the use ofconditioner. On average, the operation of the air conditioner raises the consumption of gasoline by 2 liters per 100 km. So do not be surprised at the increased expense in the event that you drive with a constantly on air conditioner.

Replacing Consumables

Some owners in the reviews on the forums write,that to reduce fuel consumption "Daewoo Matiz" was possible by replacing consumables: oil, gasoline and air filters. The latter also play an important role in the role of gasoline consumption: for example, if the air filter is clogged, then a depleted air-fuel mixture can enter the combustion chamber. As a result, more fuel is needed to ensure the normal operation of the engine.

fuel consumption deu matiz 0 8 mechanics

A poor-quality oil can increase the frictional force of parts among themselves, which will also lead to increased consumption of gasoline.


Note that with an engine of volume 0.8 fuel consumption "Daewoo Matiz" (mechanic or machine - it does not matter) is 6-6.5 liters in the city, 5 liters - on the highway. This is an extremely economical car, and the indignation of the owners over the large expense can be understood. After all, a car with such a weak engine should not consume so much fuel.

If none of the above tips helped to reduce the expense, then you need to apply to the SRT, where the masters were almost certainly faced with similar problems.

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