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Front axle MTZ-82: scheme, device and repair (photo)

The front axle of the tractor MTZ-82 is produced withleading reducer. The model has gaskets and metal stops. Most experts believe that the device has strong racks. The wheels of the modification are of a gear type. In order to understand in detail the bridge, it is necessary to consider the scheme of the device.

The scheme of the bridge

MTZ-82 front axle (the scheme is shown below)includes a flange mechanism, as well as a holder. The width of the front pillar is 2.2 meters. The worm device is used with a cover. The pads in the device are used with a cuff. The width of the rack is 2.4 cm. The gears of the model are installed on the gaskets. The clamping platinum with reducer is made entirely of brass. A total of two cups are installed on the MTZ-82 (front axle). The device circuit further includes a friction block. It includes a breather, as well as an emphasis.

front axle reducer mtz 82

Bridge reducer

The MTZ-82 front axle gearbox consists of a setdisks. The body of the modification is of cylindrical type. In the central part of the device there is a conical plate, which closes on the shaft. If we consider the device of the front axle MTZ-82, the breather is used with an adapter. The clamp for the model is selected with a small diameter. Directly the gasket is located in the center of the reducer. Experts say that bearings are applied from the bottom and top side of the body.

Breather Device

Sapun on MTZ-82 (front drive axle)It is installed with a long tube that closes under the reducer. The glasses in the device are under bearings. Experts say that the breather can withstand heavy loads. If you disassemble the front axle device MTZ-82, the flange is located from the front. The retainer of the mechanism is applied with a small stop.

In total, three discs are used in the breather. The decisive moment from the shaft goes to the regulator. The body at the breather is well protected. Periodically, the part needs lubrication. It is also worth noting that the podcasts under the disks are rifled type. The upper part of the breather uses wide clamps, which are fixed on the screws. The tube from the modification departs a diameter of 3.5 cm. The cuffs for the breather are matched with adapters. They are mounted on special rubber pads.

mtz 82 front axle

Vertical shaft operation

The vertical shaft of the front axle is responsible forturns gear. The shaft is attached directly to the gearbox. Experts say that the model is capable of maintaining high revs. The flange of the modification is used with an adjusting adapter. In the lower part, the thickness of the shaft is 4.5 cm. The glass is selected with a small diameter. At the top of the modification is a patch. Thus the seal under the shaft is not provided.

In order to twist the shaft itself,the key for screws is used. The handset of the device is manually wrenched. To remove the shaft, the gearbox must not be removed. When checking the workpiece, the front axle is first examined. When detecting cracks on the body, the part needs to be stripped. In this case, the running gears are smeared with engine oil. It is also worth noting that the flange must be carefully cleaned. Stubborn rollers in the mechanism need a periodic review.

front axle reinforced mtz 82

Interaction of flanges

Flanges at the front axle move with rotationshaft. They interact with each other through adapters. Glasses in this case are not involved in the work. Differential is applied through type. In the upper part of the flanges there are special pivots. Seals at the flanges are not of large diameter. The stops on the front axle (reinforced) of MTZ-82 are put in a width of 2.2 cm. In order to inspect the flanges, a glass with racks is removed.

Doing repair of the front axle MTZ-82, wheelsdisconnect the last. The cuffs for dismantling flanges need not be touched. The adjusting rings are disconnected manually. The front of the adapter is twisted with a key. Then it is necessary to detach the stop. To do this, the edge of the part is hammered. After inspecting the flange, the discs are lubricated and put in their original place.

Worm mechanism

Worm gear on the front axle MTZ-82is put with the connecting rod. In this case, three gears are used, which close on the stop. The regulator is installed on the front axle MTZ-82 with a friction mechanism. In front of the worm mechanism is a small coin. There are no pads in this case. At the rear of the part is a large nut. Under it there is a ring. The cover in the device is fixed to the clip.

Sapun is located in the central part of the wormmechanism. If this device breaks down, first release the latch. A key is used to remove the nut. Cuff in this case is not needed. The regulator is easily disconnected manually. When the ring is closed, the lower stop is pushed. You can do it with a conventional hammer. When the seal is worn, the stand is unscrewed. The flood mechanism should also be checked. If the case is damaged, the cup is checked. If cracks are visible on the pivot, they must be smeared with engine oil. Experts say that the cuff should be changed every two years. The pads are very cheap.

Filling of the holder

Fixing of the clip is carried out after removalworm mechanism. To make everything right, first of all the necessary tool is prepared. Also it should be noted that the keys will require different sizes. Screws on the front axle MTZ-82 are wound with rings and without them. In this case, the seals are pierced by a sharp object.

Gaskets are only at the bottomworm mechanism. In order to get to the cage, the thrust bearing from the reducer is removed. In this case, the cuff should be kept very carefully. If a leak is detected, the part is replaced. After removing the stop, the clamping nut of the bridge is loosened. Then it remains only to disconnect the driven gear. You do not need to touch the disks on the bridge to fence the clips.

How does the press fit the cartridge?

For the purpose of pressing the clips,keys, and additionally you need a hammer. Before the start of work, the state of the worm gear, which is installed on the front axle MTZ-82, is checked. Its lid must fit snugly against the body of the modification. The regulator in this case does not need to be touched. After removing the cover, the stop is disconnected. If the clip is tightly clamped, the screw rotates clockwise. In this case, the lining can not be strongly clamped. If the flange starts to sink during operation, it means that you have to check the roller mechanism. In some cases, the problem lies in the disks. In this situation, the protective sleeve is unscrewed. Next, it remains to check the condition of the thrust ring and its clamp. At the end of the work, everything is lubricated with engine oil.

front axle assembly mtz 82

Removal of a wheel from a reducer

The wheel from the gearbox can be removed quite quickly. However, it is problematic to cope with this task. When repairing the front axle MTZ-82, it is recommended to inspect the gearbox housing. Further, the lid is removed, which is fixed on two stops. The central screw is disconnected last.

It should also be noted that the lining under the lidit is important to carefully clean it. For this purpose, gasoline is suitable. The wheel of the rector is behind the regulator. To get to it, two screws are removed. Longitudinal stops of the bridge do not need to be touched. The wheels in the device stay on one nut, which is twisted by a key.

How do I remove the gearbox cover?

The gearbox cover is removed using a key 8. Experts say that the pads in the device often dry. In this case, the clamps are very tightly fixed. In this case, unscrewing the cover is problematic. In this situation, the device is recommended to immediately tap. For this, a small hammer is used. Knock on the edges of the cover. Then the screws are alternately unscrewed from both sides. During this, it is important not to damage the lining that is in the gearbox.

repair of front axle mtz 82

Slave gear of the device

The driven gear in the modification is fixed toshaft. There are two pads at the base. Experts say that they need to be changed every three years. The stops near the gears are located at a great distance. If the pinion is knocked over, it must be centered with the screw that is located behind the adapter. To move the part closer to the center, the key turns clockwise. Sometimes the problem lies in the clamping. To inspect it, a protective plate is removed. Next, you need to unscrew the rack. The central shaft of the bridge is not removed.

mtz 82 front driving axle

Cuff of the bridge

The cuff retains the worm mechanism. On MTZ-82 (front drive axle) it is attached with two stops. Sometimes the device needs replacing. For this purpose, the rollers are removed and the driven gear is inspected. After adjusting the part, you need to start examining the glasses. Also it must be remembered that seals need periodic replacement. The lid of the bridge must be carefully tightened.

front axle mtz 82

Disconnecting the glasses

To disconnect the glasses, onlyone key. At the same time, from the front stop, the pads change in the first place. Also it must be remembered that the glasses are disconnected only after the flange. In this case, do not touch the cardan. The side stops must be in the closed position. For this, a key is substituted. Then you need to remove the two screws. The glasses at this bridge are lined. Experts say that they wear out quickly.

If the problem is in the adapters, thenit is necessary to completely disconnect the reducer. Also it should be noted that the tube is removed after the adapter. The front stops of the modification are fixed on special clamps. The cuff is located in the lower part of the bridge. To get to the glasses, you do not have to touch the discs. However, when the bridge is inspected in general, they are also disconnected.

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